The Talented Mr Ripley

I watched this for the second time, and unfortunately it had lost some of its surprise that it held the first time I saw it, knowing nothing of what was about to happen. Still it struck me how excellent the cast are in this movie and how these could be well regarded amongst their best roles.

Matt Damon shows how flawed and slightly off kilter his character is, and as time progresses the audience is put at more and more unease until they are suddenly hit with reality and see Damon for what he really is. At the same time he’s seen as a flawed character who craves the new found friendship he has but after one quick decision his world wraps closer and closer around him causing him to move further away from reality and to a world of deception.

Gwenyth Paltrow and Jude Law play the other leads excellently each showing their growing concern with Damon’s character and Law showing how cold and focused on his own interests he can really be in a role. Cate Blanchett is wonderful to look at, as always, and I do mean for her acting talent, with Philip Seymour Hoffman bringing to life another wonderful character onscreen.

The story walks along, never really running too much, and keeps you going along with an even pace taking you along with Ripley on his slow descent and watching as his mind calculates what to do at each major obstacle. It’s fascinating to watch Damon during this performance, he manages to be awkward, self doubting and confused while deciding and then suddenly spring to life with purpose and conviction, often the coldness that showed in Law’s main character trait is taken as his.

Excellent performances, wonderful story and settings, and well worth the watch, especially the first time.

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