24: Season 3

I haven’t reviewed Season 1 and 2, but I’ll nod them both here. The first 24 was fantastic, it was brimming with style and a wonderfully crafted script which was matched so well to real time there didn’t seem to be any slips. It was also packed with twists and turns in the writing, and something that is so genuinely unique in today’s scripts, surprises. Genuine surprises. Ones that made you gasp out loud and gaze wide eyed at your partner not sure why that had just happened.

Season 2 effectively ramped up the entertainment, and although the side plot line of the daughter stuck out like a sore “I’m the token emotional anchor” thumb, the overall series was once again stunning. It delivered just as much as before, but with extra relish, surprise and gasp factor. Even leaving you at the end of the series stunned and wanting more.

So, then came Season 3. After rumour of Keifer Sutherland not being in it and it becoming a straight to DVD, we were rewarded with his return.

Watching the series was something that proved a little bit more of a ride. It started out quite strongly and quickly paled down. The side plots were still there, but what was strange was that the one that had the potential to be the second major plotline was bumbling, distracting and annoying while on screen, that of the Presidential campaign. What was also surprising was that the plotline of Tony and Michelle was a strong contender to become the second major part of the series.

However, the couple of distractions aside, the first half of the series was slightly lacking in the suspense and drama of the first two seasons. There were moments, but I didn’t feel as drawn into the storyline as before, and I certainly wasn’t gasping and looking as wide eyed as I had.

Where it really takes off is from around six pm onwards, the episodes before really feel like the set-up, and after the excitement can really begin. From there on I was thoroughly engrossed, and surprised by some really shocking moments. Hours of tension ensued to a fitting and tense ending.

All in all, despite it’s failings earlier on, I have to give Season 3 just as much kudos as the previous two. Bear with the beginning and you are rewarded with hours of excellent excitement.

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