Bamboo Flooring

…strips of Bamboo, which technically is a grass not a timber. Bamboo is harder than Oakā€¦and makes an ideal flooring material.
Solid Floor

This is now the second flat I’ve had Bamboo Flooring in and it’s gorgeous. A lovely colouring which produces a golden warmth and a very distinctive pattern where the Bamboo is pressed together to form the wooden slats.

It’s solid wood, not composite or part wood, but still made into slotable sections that link together and could be fitted by yourself, if you felt that way inclined.

In the first flat it was fitted by Solid Floor. One joiner arrived and did an excellent job, finishing a small living room and hallway in a single day. I think that was somewhere around twenty two to twenty five packs.

I lived there for about eight months with the flooring, and it was so good I was planning on installing it throughout the house. It does darken with age, and this was most noticeable when I moved and the areas where the Home Cinema equipment was sitting along with the TV were all a lighter shade than the wood around them – remember that if you ever have the Bamboo flooring installed yourself!

The second flat was around sixty five packs of wood, and that was just for a living room and hallway again. Yes, the rooms are really big here! The fitting was good, although definitely not to the standard of Solid Floor, and was carried out by Edinburgh Carpet Warehouse. Truth be told, I’d never use them again and go straight back to Solid Floor, despite the added cost.

A small strip of Bamboo solid wood flooring

The two colourings of flooring differed greatly as well. The first purchase was very light, and the shading and patterning subtle. The second purchase was more golden, still very light as Bamboo goes, but brighter and the patterning was much more pronounced. This turned out to be a good choice as the pattern looks lovely on the wide open floorspace, whereas the lighter Bamboo would have looked plain and the floor looked flat and bare.

The only thing is, as strong as they say, it’s still soft. Drop something on it and you have a dent. Luckily we only have a couple of small ones. That is until last night when a metal corkscrew was dropped onto it in the living room and there’s quite a dent now. Luckily it was where the rug would have been, so that’s nicely hidden.

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