Fishers (Central) – Edinburgh

I went for a nice reunion night at Fishers (the one in the town) with some friends I hadn’t seen from my old work for nigh on two years. That part was wonderful, the rest? For me it did not live up to the reputation of the Fishers name.

I started with the fish cakes, and they were lovely if a bit on the small side. They seemed fresh and crumbly and were made with a mixture of fish meat, quite succulent and tasty.

I followed that with a steak. Yes, and this is what everyone said to me, you’re in Fishers, why have a steak? Well, because the restaurant offer it on the menu and I fancied one when I saw it. To be quite honest looking at the fish meals on offer I couldn’t really see something that attracted that much interest, there seemed to be a lot of kerfuffle of fancies and not enough nice, good fish.

So, the steak was medium rare. I tend to order my steaks either like that or rare so you are ensured a good cut and the juices are there. It was a trick I read from a famous chef who said if you order a well done you will get the worst piece of meat because it’s easier to hide in the cooking process.

* Order medium or less for the best steak cuts

* Never order fish on a Monday

* Check the restaurant toilets before eating

* Only eat swordfish from a chef you know

A famous chef in the Guardian

He also said such things as always check the toilets in a restaurant before eating, if they aren’t nice, the kitchen sure as hell won’t be. Another cool one I remember was not to eat swordfish unless you know the chef, as the swordfish are renowned for long tapeworm in their bodies and a lot of chefs will cook them as is.

Some nice tips to remember. Anyway, back to the point. I got my steak and it had a large piece of gristle and was quite tough to cut and chew. Not the best I’ve tasted for a long time.

That, and I considered the prices to be a bit high, especially after what I had. Now, it may be that I shouldn’t have ordered the steak, but then it shouldn’t have been on the menu to be quite blunt. It is fair to say that the fish cakes were very nice.

So although I won’t be visiting it again on my choice, I may visit the original Fishers or go there if invited by friends. There are plenty of nicer places to eat out there.

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