Holiday Weather

I remember a time when I was a kid when the weather over Christmas and New Year used to be amazing. When I lived in the countryside I can remember waking up and seeing snowdrifts against walls that were six to seven foot high. I can actually see myself standing on a wall and leaping off into it and the whole world disappearing except for a shaft of light from above.

Or looking out the window one morning and everything was white, not the English news “roads are deadly” light scattering of snow, but feet deep drifts on roads and not a colour to be seen until your eyes reached the skyline. Now that was snow.

Since then I’ve hardly seen it again, and this year has been another dismal one. We’ve had storm upon storm, and the worst two have meant horizontal rain and snow for nothing more than fifteen minutes.

In fact we just saw one, the wind is so high that the lines of trees outside (and these are fully grown) were bending in the wind and bouncing all over the place. Then the house started to go dark, not immediately noticeable, it just kinda got darker and darker.

Underneath the noise and the tapping of the keyboard, as another MovieBlog article gets written, the sound of the wind gusting started to rise, and the sky began to darken pushing what remained of the sky further and further down to the horizon.

It was then that the sleet started, a spec of white would catch your eye through the driving rain that was flying past the bay windows, and all the time it was getting darker in the house. You would look into the center hallway and you could almost see the darkness creeping out towards the other rooms. It seemed to be growing there.

Back at the window the white suddenly came on, as though someone had pressed a button and the heavens had opened the snow clouds. Sheets of snow were coming down, and sheets is the perfect word, a wave of snow would fly past the window followed closely by another wave.

It reminded me of New Year when the same happened but with rain, and when it struck the roofs it was flying off in great misty sprays and rejoining the main sheets. Each one finally pounding against the ground and bouncing off the sodden ground just in time for the next wave of rain to hit.

However, the snow was over in about fifteen minutes, and it didn’t lie, it never had a chance with everything so wet from the stormy rain we’ve had since New Year.

Every year I hope we’ll have snow, every year I hope for the snow we used to have in Aberdeen or Aberchirder, but it never happens. Perhaps we need to go find it next year, chase it year after year until it’s gone.

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