Writing letters

I’ve just had to type a couple of letters and print them out, sign them and place them in an envelope. Since I don’t really waste ink printing the addresses on the envelopes, I wrote them by hand.

I’ve actually forgotten how enjoyable it is to write a letter, I don’t mean the typing a letter part, but just the act of signing and writing the address on the envelope, folding the letter to the right size and then sliding it inside sealing the envelope around it. The whole thing is an enjoyable experience, it’s satisfying.

I’m not entirely sure why that is, I really can’t explain it myself, perhaps some of it is down to completing a task, especially in the case of these letters a boring and mundane one. Yet that’s not all, the real enjoyable part was taking a pen and inking those letters across the envelope front.

I do think that if I’d taken the time to write the letter by hand I’d have been much more satisfied, it’s just much more convenient nowadays to type it. Even just the simple task I performed has highlighted the amount of email I send, the amount of virtual writing I do, never to end up on paper, never to be read by someone on paper, just digitally on screen.

When I write poetry or even one of the few short stories I have in the past, I write by ink. I find the creativity just disappears in front of the keyboard, there’s no emotion and spark in pressing the keys, but there is in sliding the pen across paper, letting the ink flow into the fibres of the page.

Perhaps that’s why I’ve become a collector of pens. I find it hard not to go by a cabinet full of pens without looking and and staring at the rows and rows of writing pens. I’ve ended up with two Lamy fountain pens, model AL-star if you are that interested, and they write beautifully. The feel in your hand, it’s almost as if they make you write better, there’s just something about the feel of a fountain pen and especially of the Lamy’s.

So I think I’ll have to write some more, get that pen onto paper. Perhaps I should think about the way Jeff Bridges does his website.

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  1. drew Reply

    What are these “pens” and “ink” you speak of? Do they plug into my USB port?

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