Bannatynes is a very successful chain of gyms, and although I’ve only been to two (Aberdeen and Edinburgh) there’s not a lot I can say against them apart from over crowding.

I think that’s a common problem with gyms though, they beef their members list up so that they have enough people in every night during the quiet months, but this means that there are far too many people in during the busy times, like holiday times and the start of the year.

Still, they have a lot of equipment, and a nice big free weights area. They also provide a pool and a steam room, neither of which I partake. It’s clean and open decent hours. Towel hire and clothes purchase if needed.

What else is there to say? With the corporate discount the amount per month is decent, but without it I would be slightly pushed to pay that amount when I use such a small part of the facilities.

Update 06/05/2007:

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