Casillero del Diablo Carménère 2003

Tasting this wine was great, for it’s got a wonderful taste and I actually identified with the tasting notes for once! Either I’m getting better at this or these guys can actually describe their wine.

The Carménère definitely has a rich plum taste to it, and the spice is apparent as you drink. What struck me though is that the notes said well structured mouthfilling texture, now if I’d read that to begin with I’d have been wondering what the hell they were talking about, but once you’ve tasted it you understand.

There doesn’t seem to be any singular taste that leaps out at you and overpowers the wine, and likewise from the moment it touches your tongue to after you’ve swilled it around your mouth, filled it with air and even after swallowing, there’s an enjoyable taste throughout. There isn’t a moment where I thought there was no taste or enjoyment, or too much. It was, as they said, a well structured wine.

I like the Casillero del Diablo wines, they have a lot of taste, and aren’t meek wines at all, a very good doubling. In particular though, and this may change through time, but right now the Carménère is my favourite of the bunch, well worth a tasting.

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  1. Morgaen Warner Reply

    I love Casillero Del Diablo wines, especially the Carmenere variety, the sauvignon is nice, but has a more blackcurranty flavour, which I find a little too tart. I prefer the Carmenere as it is more of a blackcherry or plum note.

    Anyway, my question is… why can I no longer find this beautiful wine in my local Tesco Extra? They stock the Sauvignon, but no longer the Carmenere… why is this?

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