I love the format of Crime Scene Investigates, or CSI, and I fell for the original quite easily. Especially with the highly overlooked talents of William Peterson who starred in the excellent original movie of the Thomas Harris Manhunter. There’s something about that original format, and you can read my own review here.

So CSI: Miami came along, and I thought it was still good, but lost some of the original magic for Bruckheimer posing and one liners. Then I saw the first episode of CSI: NY and thought that maybe they’d realised what made CSI so great and returned to that direction, then taken another turn into the darker woods.

With the talents of Gary Sinise how could it fail? He’s a moody and introspective character, a mixture of Horatio and Grisam, with a bit more edge, and right from the first episode you’re pulled into his world and the troubles that churn in the background of his mind.

CSI: NY is filmed in a much more washed out and real way, where CSI is always on the night shift and devoid of real light and when it is in the daytime it’s over exposed for the searing sun, and CSI: Miami is all bright colours and beautiful people, CSI: NY is grey, smog filled and darker. There’s no brightness in people, they are beaten down and preyed upon. This is much tougher and meatier than it’s predecessors.

I could say this could pan out to be the best CSI yet, but having just seen one episode it did strike me that the conclusion was really unimportant and just quickly leapt out. The whole case was solved suddenly in a matter of seconds with the murderer confessing all too quickly, it didn’t seem in keeping with the rest of the episode.

I’d say an excellent return to the original formula but with the added bonuses of Sinise and more darker storylines. Let’s see how it all pans out.

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