Deception – Dan Brown

Having read Angels and Demons then Da Vinci Code I was more than a little hopeful for this book and that it would grip me from the outset. It didn’t. More than that, it annoyed me.

The book is crafted just as a movie script altered to an essay would be, it reads just like a movie. It’s also very, very dumb. Characters repeating lines to themselves when there’s no reason to, especially when it’s repeating the very thing that has just happened. That and some of the character reactions and words just beg disbelief, you find yourself rereading parts and thinking out loud what? Why? just as the characters themselves did.

The characters are really quite awful Richard was thinking. If you distance yourself and look at the novel it’s the same outline as the previous ones mentioned above, just another hook to it. More of the same and now very poorly done. Perhaps it’s because I’ve now read this scenario twice that I find it such dull and dumbed down reading, however I do think this is significantly poorer than the previous books.

Still, it does engage you, and manage to excite you in parts. Giving you that same feeling of I have to read this next chapter before bed, and that’s what you’ll be thinking to yourself in the next paragraph too! Not recommended.

Deception Point – Dan Brown

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  1. Simone Reply

    When I started reading Da Vinci Code, I thought this Dan Brown guy is trying to write his books with the hope it will be adapted to film, I am glad I wasnt the only one who felt the same. It was quite noticeable on all the 4 books, but yeah, most especially this one.


  2. Vinay Reply

    Deception point is another brilliant novel by Dan Brown.The Author has tried to bring up the flaws in the NASA discovery fictitiously but very well.

    Though i cannot count it in the league of Da Vinci Code and all, but still , for Dan Brown fans its a treat.

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