I’d been with Elephant for quite a few years, and they were probably the first Insurance company that have lowered my premium from year to year, until that is I purchased the S2000.

While I was running the MR2 my insurance had dropped to £454.65. Now, let me just explain what my policy was. That was fully comprehensive, protected no claims discount, and a no claims discount of ten years. It included legal cover, stereo and personal items cover and had a £100 voluntary excess with a £250 compulsary excess. No points, convictions or accidents. At the time the MR2 was parked in a private car park area but exposed to all and just off Leith Walk which is a busy and slighty rougher area of town.

So, I bought the S2000 and, as you’d expect, it shot up. £871.67. Nothing else changed on the policy.

Then I bought a lovely new house in a very quiet area of the city, away from the centre and drunks and kids, with only one entrance to the estate and no through road leading up to it. I also had, for the first time ever, a lockable garage.

So how much did that drop the policy by? Well it’s way more secure, no one coming by the car never mind the immediate vicinity for about a mile around! £67.23. Now that was my first discouraging note.

However, then came renewal time and I was surprised to find that I had only dropped by £63.14, £741.30 is the new quote. 34 years old with eleven years no claims and still no accidents, convictions or even points!

This prompted me to shop around, and I’ve just moved to First Alternative with a quote of £568.88. Yes, that is quite a leap. Okay, I’ve increased my voluntary excess to £150, and the comulsary is up to £300, but that’s still miles better.

Elephant did attempt to match it, but were still out by almost a hundred pounds. So they lost my business.

However, I have to say that while I was with them their online service was very good, allowing you to do such things as trial changes in your policy and see how much they would cost\save you before applying them. Plus, until now, they weren’t beaten.

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