Farenheit 9/11

Without a doubt Michael Moore is the bane of Politician’s and Corporate’s lives everywhere in the US. His documentaries are extremely well researched, backed up and presented. Yes, he is most guilty of presenting his side of the story and from his viewpoint, skewing things enough to let everyone get his message. Yet I’ve never seen something that is wrong, could be classed as lies, or doesn’t need to be said. This is especially true with Farenheit 9/11.

I’m not a Bush fan, I thought he was an idiot and quite unsettled before I saw this movie, and I thought the American people were mad for letting him get into the Whitehouse the first time, never mind since.

However, this movie showed me more reasons why not to trust this guy, and not to politically side with America in such political Wars as we now find ourselves. It presents some quite frightening facts of the Presidents disinterest in the Country he has been elected to run, his poor management of that Country and it’s budget, and the madness that is the War on Terror that he has waged.

I’m trying hard not to start ranting about the War and the forgotten history of how the Taliban were created, and by whom, so I’ll push myself back to the film.

The inadequacies of Bush and his Government are brought to the forefront so easily, you wonder why you never missed them, and it’s the fact that they are packaged all together and not hidden amongst pointless news stories month after month that they have such impact. How long did he sit in that classroom after he learnt that the first plane had struck? Then the second? The Country was under attack and the role of the leader is very clear in such circumstances. What if it had been an all out War? It’s just staggering.

Throughout the movie you are bombarded with facts like this, and some more emotional images with the odd skewed debate thrown in. All in all it’s more than enough to make you see the President and the Government behind him for what he is, and where they have failed.

I can understand why Moore was so upset around election time. This really was made to try and wake up the American public to what has really happened.

Watch it, it’s a very powerful movie. In fact watch everything of Moore’s. Keep some salt handy though, and don’t just suck all the information in blindly. Then afterwards visit his site to see the information, facts and sources backed up. It’s quite an eye opener.

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