First poker night

I’ve just experienced my first poker night, and I can honestly say I am 100% converted. I have joined the cult of Texas Hang ’em. However, I can’t claim the credit on the idea, no that’s down to Martin. He started it all, organised the evening, and even purchased a stunningly cool set of poker chips and cards. So all I had to do was supply the location, the kitchen table, and let everyone turn up.

When Martin arrived you could see the excitement on his face, and he positively beamed as he opened the poker case for everyone to see. Okay, so they’re just poker chips, but to a bunch of guys (and gal) just starting out it was as exciting as getting your first bike. Actually more exciting, I wasn’t particularly excited about getting my Raleigh Spider and behaved like a spiteful child, but anyway, I digress.

So we began with a few hands that would just teach us the basic rules, and that took a long time, but at the same time as learning and playing we were having a laugh and doing something that’s quite rare nowadays, talking. We actually found there was a surprising amount of conversation happening, and not just exclusive between people not in the hand, but everyone was joining in, it turned out to be a really sociable gathering, and not a games console in sight. Well not too far away at least!

Martin was ahead of the game, having bought the set, thought about this for some time and also having recently purchased and read Poker for Dummies. It was obvious Louise had read the instructions carefully and had even memorised winning hands. Myself, Alan and Pablo were all running on empty and winging it from the word go. This was easy for most to see as I totally failed to grasp the idea of betting for a good four hands. Why? Well, I’ve been playing tournament on the Palm, and that’s a totally different betting system, and no one realised that for ages. What was even more helpful were Pablo and Martin trying to describe the betting in totally different ways. However, got there eventually with much winding up of the ever more frustrated Pab’s!

So then came the time to go for it for real. The first few trial hands had been fun, and we were all starting to get the hang of it. Pab’s and I tucked into the red wine while the Alan sipped tea, Martin quaffed caffine free diet coke and Louise was on her stomach staining Irn Bru. We really know how to create the perfect poker atmosphere, you should see us on a night out. For good luck we chucked on some Hip Hop and ate our assorted crisps and grapes. Yes, we really were hitting the big time.

Martin handed out our chips, 5p, 25p and 50p. Stop laughing there at the back, we had decided on a £20 limit on the evening and we were going to stick to it come hell or high water. No IOU’s for houses or fancy cars here, oh no!

It was great fun, we played for a couple of hours and I found I was folding way more than I thought. So how did we do?

Richard: up £4.25

Pablo: up £4.10

Martin: down £1.05

Louise: down £1.15

Alan: down £6.45

It was interesting that I was one of the more cautious players with Louise probably being the most. Pablo was undoubtedly the most aggressive with Alan following in his tracks. Alan failed miserably though, so how did Pab’s do so well? His bluffing was excellent, and he viewed losing his money for an evenings entertainment not that bad a deal. Then there’s the question of how the hell I won…and for that I have no answer other than folding a lot!

Thanks for funding the winners though Alan! He did loose a lot, shame. Perhaps next time he might be a bit more cautious. It was funny in the end as Pab’s is quite competative, well when I say quite, I mean loads, so the first count had us both equal on cash. A subsequent count showed that I was slightly up! Teehee!!

It was an excellent evening, and I would thoroughly recommend a poker evening to everyone. Get your friends together and have a laugh. It’s not even about the money, in the end we didn’t even settle the Bank. It’s about having a laugh and getting together with mates without having to go drinking. I eagerly await our next night.

2 comments on “First poker night”

  1. Pablo Reply

    Ok, Just to clarify a few things. Alan did the re-count on the chips and I believe as I had gloated a few times(ok non-stop) after bluffing Alan continously he added up wrong “by-mistake”. I am NOT competetive, I do NOT hate losing. I never HAVE to win anything. Arggggggggggggggh, second place is like the first loser….. Next time Richard you are mine. Great fun and highly recommended for an instant foresight into an individuals personality.

  2. Bombadil Reply

    I play the occasional poker game with some family, but haven’t met enough people to have guy’s poker night type of thing.

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