Insomnia – Stephen King

The Gunslinger series really took me back to Stephen King, and so it was with the closing of that last book and a visit to a few others, that I decided to try a return to some of his books that I owned but remained unread.

Insomnia opens well, and the slow character building story actually does a good job of hooking you in and getting in touch with the main characters. However, I began to feel myself skipping small paragraphs and sentences, almost bored waiting for something to happen and shooting forward. Still I forced myself back and kept reading.

It was all going well but then King turned on that part of the story which inevitably drove me away from his writing. That odd element. It’s hard to describe, it’s almost like a Lovecraft story that just suddenly twists without reason and there are the wierdest things happening, but it’s more than that. It’s that he goes too far with some of the creatures and events that occur, and they step towards the line of daftness, for want of a better word, than of horror.

This is exactly what happened towards the end of this book, when the events really start to build and race towards the characters destiny. For me a lot of the characters, their circumstances and even the choices they made just seemed wrong, or just that step too far, or maybe one to the side. I don’t know, it’s really hard to describe, but it just went too far for me.

I did finish the book though, and I saw the nice tie in with the Gunslinger books. Yet I didn’t feel satisfied, especially for such a lengthy read. I feel I may struggle with reading the other unread books I own of his.

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