Junk snail mail

I hate it and I used to get so much of it too. When I stayed at my last flat I was receiving three to four items a day, crazy amount to be getting. Loans, credit cards, insurance, blah, blah, blah. All basically rubbish that I didn’t want or need and all just wasting paper and resources.

Soon, I was tired of throwing it all in the bin, and responding to the please take me off the mailing list addresses when all they did was add you to another list, or use to verify your details. There was no way out. So I decided upon a course of action, to take a stand against the tyranny of the mailshot, and it made me feel wonderful!

When you receive junk mail you often get a freepost envelope enclosed, this is so you can post back the completed application, or ask for further details. This kind of junk mail is the perfect kind for me.

If there’s no return envelope then a quick scan of the contents for any revealing information is all that’s needed, if there is then it goes in the recycle bin, if not then it’s kept. For what, I’ll tell you in a moment.

So, you have a piece of junk mail with a return envelope, you have a couple of options.

  • Take their junk mail and put it in their envelope
  • Take previously saved junk mail and put it in their envelope saving their junk mail for the next company to send you rubbish
  • Take their junk mail, and previously saved junk mail, put it all in their envelope to make it extra heavy

Then all you have to do is post their envelope back to them. It wastes their money to post it, and their money and time to employ people to open them and review the contents before throwing them away with a disgruntled look.

Wait I hear you cry, what about making it extra heavy? Oh, well the heavier it is the more they will have to pay for mailing. So if you can cram in plenty of junk mail, so much the better.

The best scenario is of course getting multiple items of junk mail all with envelopes. Just a quick scan to make sure there’s nothing you wouldn’t share between them, bear in mind that they all have your details anyway, and then swap their junk between pre-paid envelopes before posting. This way you can send them your junk mail!

I love it. Of course you could always just sign up for the mailing preference service and stop your junk mail that way – only in UK I’m afraid.

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