I’d been ordering wine from Virgin Wines for some time now, and also from a smaller company who would come to where you were and let you taste the wines before buying, I forget their name for now, as well as Tesco.

However, it was only until I was recently at Centotre for a meal that made me go and search for some lovely Barollo and Prosecco. I couldn’t find them anywhere, until I happened upon Majestic.

The bad news was by the time I found them it was the day before Christmas Eve, and I really couldn’t see anyone delivering in time for Christmas Day, but I tried. I was mightly surprised when they delivered during Christmas Eve. They were still accepting deliveries and they did as promised.

Their online store is very good and easy to use. You can simply see when you are building up a twelve case how far along you are, and you can mix between anything to make those twelve slots. We pulled in a bottle of Brandy and Whisky into our Barollo fest of wine.

Since then we’ve visited one of their Warehouses, and although the layout is just boxes and bottles, it’s perfect for what you want. There’s even a small tasting section, although I stayed clear since I was driving. There are some excellent deals, and I’ve found better ones here than I have with Tesco.

I managed to source some lovely Barollo for £9 per bottle, it was on a deal from £14, and a couple of different Prosecco’s varying in quality and cost, although the quality has been high on them all so far.

Customer service was good instore, friendly and funny. I also had occasion to email the online customer service and received a prompt and full response, something which you don’t always see and is a very good test of a company. Some companies I have emailed months ago and still have had no response!

All in all a very good wine merchant, and I would suggest that you go and take a look at their offers now. If you do, let me know, I can recommend you and we both get free champagne!

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