I love Subway sandwiches. Foot longs with tuna and cheese and all the salad you can cram in, finishing it off with honey mustard sauce, but no salt and pepper please. Love them. I probably have one a week…well, maybe more like one every two weeks and more often than not they are fantastic.

My friend Lee has eaten them in Canada, and that’s also bought in Canada before anyone thinks he bought one and took it all the way over there! He says the UK chain has nothing on the US, where they are bigger, better, tastier and fresher. I, on the other hand, have not. I have merely been stuck to the UK versions and I’m quite happy with them.

The conveyor belt system works well, and you get served pretty quickly, and the help yourself to drinks all means it really is fast food. You get served and out fast. The different breads are very tasty, with some superb fillings and quite a choice of free salad to fill it up. Much better than a greasy burger.

There are problems though. Go when they’ve got new staff on and you’re liable to get a badly made sandwich. Doesn’t sound much if it’s a normal sandwich, but when you’re trying to eat a foot long cut in half it’s a nightmare. Food everywhere and collapsing by the second. Or they just don’t put enough of the free salad on.

Arrive when they are busy and you’re liable to get a fresh piece of bread. Sounds good though doesn’t it? Well not when the bread is spongy, collapses, falls apart with the addition of all the ingredients makes it go far too soggy, generally you end up making a mess. Here’s a tip, don’t be carrying them too far.

Still, all that said they are great value, cram packed with food, and can be quite good for you. Mmm…shan’t mention the BMT or Meatball and cheese then!

3 comments on “Subway”

  1. Simone Reply

    Ahhhhhh Rich!!! I absof******ly love Subway! If you eat them once a week, might as well ask them to give you a Subway card so you can get a free 6 inches sub after your 8th sandwich!

    Yep, dont remind me of the footlong BMT with sweet onion sauce please!!!

  2. Simone Reply

    Oh I only have it like every other week, I dont have one close by you see. I thought the meatball sub just gets too soggy with all that sauce. Man youre making me want to go there now you know!

    The only regret I have is I have to travel outside my borough just to get to the nearest Subway, the closest of which is Islington.


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