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I’m a sucker for buying DVD’s, I am continually getting caught by those blasted three for two offers, or two for under ten pounds, you know the ones. Well I decided to do something about it, especially carrying a DVD library now about one hundred and sixty strong! So I investigated DVD rental.

Martin has gone with ScreenSelect and rates it very highly, but I didn’t think I could justify the price. So looking round for the cheapest deal, with no catches, I came across Tesco‘s new online rental service.

£13.97 each month, and unlimited DVD’s, you just have to have a list of at least ten at all times, and three DVD’s at your house at any one time. Easy. It’s made even easier by the simple website and the large stock of DVD’s – I have quite a few Asian horrors I had no idea how I was going to get hold of!

The DVD’s arrive in a little envelope, open them out of their DVD sized case, give it a wipe, and you’re off. Once you’ve watched it, put it back in the envelope, tear off a strip, reseal and it’s ready for posting. After two to three days you get the next one from the list.

Your list can be any size and an email reminder is sent to warn you when you’re running out. It also has a nice priority system to rate which DVD’s you want first. However, and here’s the bit I really like, you’re never sure what you’re going to get next. Obviously your list is referenced, and the high priority ones taken first, but you don’t know which. I really like that.

The website allows you to rate and review the DVD’s you watch and even provides a recommendations list based upon what you’ve rated so far.

What can I say that’s wrong with it? Not much. It does exactly what it says on the site. However, I wish that the search engine was a bit stronger as I’ve searched for actors and films have been missed off, searching for the missed film produces the result. It would also be nice to be emailed a list of the new additions to the site every week, however, these are both very small niggles.

Overall the service is excellent and I would recommend it to anyone.


I’ve noticed that I have to clean every DVD prior to watching, as when you start to watch it will simple artefact and might well lock up at some point during playback. This isn’t a big deal and just means a quick rub with a cloth. For the record I have an old, but high end DVD Player – Pioneer 717, very capable.

However, I just received a copy of Dog Soldiers, and despite my best efforts it would not clean and play. So I referred to the instructions which state I should clean and retry. Did that already. Then mark the box as a damaged disc, if I want a replacement and return. None of the three boxes I have had such a box to mark.

So I did it online. No big deal, and they sent out a replacement before receiving the damaged one back. Shame it happened in the first place, but it was a real quick service.

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