1st Page 2000

1st page is a free piece of software available over the Internet from a company called Eversoft. It’s a complete HTML editor allowing previews through multiple browsers, live previews, online help, scripting and object assistance, etc, etc.

For me it’s the most complete editor I’ve seen outside of Dreamweaver, but the beauty is that it’s small, quick to run, and easy to operate, things which other editors tend not to be.

I use it to write all my Blog and MovieBlog entries, as well as all the site design work on them.

Some excellent features are are:

The sidepanel list of all HTML code, allowing for dropping a command on the page by simply clicking the item. Each carries two options, simple or advanced and can be configured to include as few or as many additional tags and information as you need. So that MovieBlog links only need a target and reference, whereas my site links carry a title as well. Change the tick box next to the command, double click, and it’s on the page.

Setting up tables and frames is very easy, and a small visual layout window is provided.

Livespell checks your spelling as you type.

Automatic tools are present to format to XML or StyleSheets, tidy and fix HTML, compress the HTML code, remove all tags, there’s even an FTP client included.

Snippets are included to help you with image rollovers, Java applets, Perl and CGI scripts, as well as standard HTML templates.

I could go on and on, there’s so much included!

There’s only two annoying things I have found to date, one is that the program always starts in full screen, and the second is that sometimes the on screen word wrap is lost and you have to switch it on and off to see all the text again. Hardly major failings.

The software is superb for a free application, and I would urge you all to dump your over complex software and start using this for any smaller scale web based development. It’s a superb product.

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