Coulthard breaks records at Malaysia

Well done Coulthard. There’ll I’ll say it because the press that has spent so much money and energy having a go at him when he left McLaren are hardly saying two words about his last two races for Red Bull Racing.

So he’s finished 4th and 6th now, and in the second race of this season in Malaysia, he’s just succeeded in becoming the most successful British Formula One racing Driver ever. Yes, that’s right, ever.

He currently sits in fifth place overall in the list of most career points ever, behind, in reverse order, Michael Schumacher, Alain Prost, Ayrton Senna and Nelson Piquet.

Notice that all those other names aren’t in Formula One just now apart from Schumacher. Have I made my point yet?

Coulthard has, now with a massive 483 points to his name, he’s performing superbly well with Red Bull, and long may it continue.

The whole Malaysian race showed us that Ferrari are indeed in trouble and the grid has closed up in front of them. I really do hope their new car isn’t streets ahead of the rest and the competition remains this close, not just for Coulthard but for all the other F1 teams.

2 comments on “Coulthard breaks records at Malaysia”

  1. Pablo Reply

    Cool! I think coulthard is particularly boring, he doesn’t have the flair of the south americans or the good looks of the spanish, :), but he is a consistently good performer who will affect the championship this year, and if he was in a more competitive car, may even challenge for the title.

    Long live the exciting F1 race, and it looks like it may be back.

  2. Dave Reply

    Well Richard ,I could reply to this one but as you are my little bruv ,I best wait till I see you and we can carry on our F1 discussions Ha Ha

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