This is really difficult to review for me, because I want to reward a movie that breaks from Hollywood and does something different, I especially want to reward the maker of the Cube by following up with a non-mainstream Hollywood movie. It’s just difficult to do with Cypher.

Before I talk about the film I’m going to address the DVD side of things, because it’s so easy. There’s nothing on there. Trailer, Scene Selection, check, any additionals or commentary, cross.

Now that’s sad, because there is a version out there with the audio commentary, deleted scenes and some usual extras, and that’s a whole lot more interesting, so that might have lifted my scoring of this, however I didn’t see it so I’m sticking where I am.

The movie isn’t as exciting as I thought it would be either, especially after the hype it received. What’s even more difficult is I can’t put my finger on why, there doesn’t seem to be something totally tangible, it just doesn’t quite hit the mark.

The premise is excellent, and there are some interesting moments and cleverly constructed twists, but there’s just not enough riding on them, not enough weight to them. I did feel like I followed the film along and came out the other end appreciating what had just happened but not really affected by it.

Shame really, since it was good to see such a great performance from Jeremy Northam and Lucy Liu in a different role from the usual character she keeps playing. Perhaps I’ll update this when I see the fuller DVD, for now it just scrapes by.

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