The E-cloth is a simple set of cloths and accessories with which to clean your home, so what I hear you say? I buy Mr Pledge anti-bacterial, heavy bleach, all purpose, multi-surface, germ killing wipes.

Yes. Those are fantastic. Attempt to repeatedly kill every bug around you. Pretty soon bugs become superbugs to combat the chemicals that are killing them, and since we’re never around them our bodies can’t cope and we die from diseases and bugs that we once were exposed to en masse.

Fantastical words of panic? You just watch one of those adverts for anti-bacterial sprays, showing a baby’s high chair covered in mould, hair and dust. Same style, they’re praying on the media coverage of superbugs, chicken flu, flesh eating bugs, hospital diseases, etc. Not using these products is a lot better. Using something safer for the environment, less harmful to your possessions and not so over protective and nanny-ish.

E-Cloths are made from special micro fibres which clean all hard surfaces throughout your home with just water. E-Cloths are recommended by major manufacturers including Neff, Miele, Electrolux and Hotpoint and are ideal for cleaning stainless steel, glass, granite and wood.

Fast and easy to use E-Cloths are the only way to clean in the 21st Century and are beneficial to allergy and asthma sufferers because E-Cloths reduce the use of household chemicals by up to 80-90%.

E-Cloth site

I’ve actually just noticed that they also provide cloths for washing yourself now! Fantastic, I might go and get some.

Surely these can’t be as good as chemicals? That’s exactly what I thought when we got a set for moving in to our new house. We have a huge double hall and a living room that is all covered in Bamboo Solid Wood, the Kitchen is covered in large slate effect Tiling and there’s the two bathrooms covered in linoleum.

Using these products has been fantastic, they really do clean as well as, and better, than the chemical based products we’ve been used to. The floors are a doddle to clean with the duster attached to the extendable pole. The duster picks up everything that’s not large enough to be swept up. So with a quick sweep, then a run over with the duster, the floors are perfect.

A wet cloth is provided to clean the floors even more. Run over with this after sweeping, leave to dry, then over with the duster and the floors are spotless. Other cloths are provided for cleaning around the house, and I had a go at the Bathroom the other day. It didn’t take long to clean, and it was quite easy to take off stubborn stains. Stainless steel all over the kitchen comes up perfectly with the appropriate cloth, and doesn’t leave streaks everywhere, again just water.

I wouldn’t do without them now. Cleaning with just water and a natural cloth. I think I’ll be buying the car set next.

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