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It was with much excitement that we entered our third Poker event, and with the usual suspects again. Unfortunately we are only struggling along with four people at the moment, and despite many promises we haven’t actually come close to getting more. Still, this makes it fun, we know each other, and we know our characteristics. This makes for a much more interesting game, knowing now each other is going to play and what their nuances are.

Unfortunately I scuppered that as I informed Martin during the game that we always know when he has a good hand. He’ll either fold straight away, or stay in with a mediocre hand, if he’s on a good hand he’s straight in with the betting. A dead giveaway and it happens without fail. So much so that during this match whenever Martin raised we would all fold! I thought it only fair to let the cat out of the bag, and when he knew his playing changed and it made it much more interesting. On his last hand I had no idea he had three Kings, gladly I had folded much earlier, but he slowly raised the pot and won well.

It was an interesting dynamic throughout the game, Pablo deliberately bluffs the table throughout, offering grandeous gestures “Oh no, I can’t believe that!”, and when he has a really good hand, just staying quiet. Louise doesn’t seem to say anything, and just retains that worried look on her face, but for the most part it’s reflected in her betting.

Me, well that’s an interesting one. I like to think I mix it up a little, a bit of each. I comment on the cards a lot (but hey, I pulled a Jack and a Two five or six times in the one night!) but then I just can’t stop myself from talking or laughing all the way through! Interesting to see what the others think of my style.

Anyway, it was a great game, it’s interesting to see the money move around the table, never really being totally drained from one player as there seems to be a natural rise and fall to the table. There were a few who were really close to loosing everything, I think we were all dangerously low at some point, but we all came back, and at some point were well up on chips.

This week we actually played for money. The bank took a £5 entrance fee with the winner taking £13 and the runner up taking £7. I can’t say it changed the game much for me, but I know overall there was a bigger feeling of competition, desire to win, and hacked off feeling when loosing. This was especially true for Pablo and myself, Pablo who is the most competitive out of us all, and me coming up in second.

Once again though we enjoyed it, and I can’t personally say it was the money aspect, but I thought this was the best night yet. I think it was more down to us understanding the rules and focusing in on the bets and working out who had the hands. Strange for me as I am the only one who hasn’t been doing any form of research between matches, everyone else is at least watching poker on TV, if not reading about it and playing online.

The next investment due is the automatic card shuffler. Despite the attempts, we couldn’t seem to get rid of some very interesting straights, or repetition of the same cards. I was cursed with that one again and again.

Okay, so let’s get down to business. We all started with 140 chips, remember the entrance fee and the cash winners would be first and second.

In reverse order…

Pablo: 61 chips

Martin: 110 chips

Louise: 135 chips

Richard: 254 chips

Yeahhhh! Interestingly enough a lot of my chips were won on a huge final hand, thanks Pablo. So I took home the £13 with Louise taking £7. That helped buy a nice chinese take-away at the weekend, lovely, thanks all!

2 comments on “More poker fun”

  1. Pablo Reply

    Poker with mates is great fun. I can’t remember laughing so much for an absolute age. And for the life of me can’t remember what i was laughing about? cheese? balloon? oh dear its all coming back…

    I much preferred this session, people actually caring for their chips, although the constant back and forth of chips moving was a little annoying. Need some mechanism towards the end of the night the removes people from the game(i.e. make somebody who is last(a.k.a me in this instance) )have to rely on desperate betting to get into the game. All in? sounds like a plan.

    It would be interesting to see what the difference in betting can be if their are more people and people who haven’t played before….

    I’d personally like this to be a regular or semi-regular event. Just need to dig out a better poker outift for next time, thats the only reason i lost(excuse # 1 🙂

  2. Louise Reply

    I agree this was the best yet. The money at stake didn’t make a great difference to me, but it was enough to put a bit more spice in the game. I am beginning to learn more about different strategys though and the way people bet. I can see why they say this game takes a minute to learn but a lifetime to master.

    By the way the poker outfit wasn’t too bad Pablo, maybe go for all black next time though…My visor and sunglasses will make an appearance soon.

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