Pablo’s long Birthday night

You know it’s amazing that this entry has sat around for so long and never been posted, so I thought I would now. More than anything it’s a nice piece of nostalgia…

It’s a struggle today to do so many things. Getting up was the first, where after an hour and a half of exceedingly drunken sleep I was awoken to the sounds of the alarm. Going back to bed until 9:30 presented the next problem of getting up all over again, although after a shower the world seemed a lot easier place. It’s only now, after half past four in the afternoon, that the sore head is beginning.

What prompted all this self indulgence? Pablo’s Birthday celebrations. They were great indeed, and spur a most excellent review of the restaurant we attended for the meal and the majority of the liver poisoning. Sweet Melindas in Marchmont. Without repeating the review it was an excellent place, great fun, great food, lot’s of wine, oh yes they did well with us last night.

It’s always strange sitting down at a table with a bunch of people you’ve never met before, or you may have briefly spoken with once before. It’s always the same when you are at some form of party for a friend, you’re either meeting someone new who doesn’t know the group, or you’re one of those people. Last night it seemed that most of the table were in that boat.

So what’s the first thing you do? You dispense with the introductions, which were hastily and badly done by an already drunken host (well it seemed like that anyway) and then you are presented with the menu. That’s the best and easiest point. Start talking about some of the menu options, it’s a safe option. People can keep looking at the menu and engage in a short burst of conversation before returning to their partner and contemplating the next item.

White? Red? Jim…or was it Alan? Oh, Lisa, I am sorry…it’s bad light.

Then there’s the wine pouring. An excellent chance to try out everyone’s names and see if you’ve managed to get them right, chances are though you’ve forgotten them by now. It’s amazing the amount of red wine stains begin to appear on the tablecloth in front of you throughout the evening.

It’s funny though how quickly the pockets of conversation develop, and you can never clearly remember the moment where the conversation just began to flow. You remember some more interesting conversations. Hollyoaks was one, and the intellectual discussion on the Pornographic Industry was most interesting.

Anyway, I have gone off on one big diversion. Poor Pablo was so incredibly drunk by the end of the evening he actually found it hard to stand. He did find it hard to hold onto the pint of water he had in his hand which rapidly fell towards the floor and smashed in front of us all, causing the bar to close during the order I was placing. Well, we won’t be going back there, whatever it was called.

Back at Pablo’s flat he crashed out in time for us leaving, but not before I saw one of his friends eating raw bacon – that could not have been tasty – and two of us in succession touched a roasting hot grill element to check it was on. Yes, it was bloody hot the first time.

All in all a rather exceedingly drunken evening. It wasn’t over for me though, not by a longshot. Earlier that day I had been helping John move The MovieBlog hosting, and was in the process of reinstalling the software to run it. Well I’d gotten so far and needed the Domain name changed to complete the rest. When do you think that was done by? Wrong. It was actually about eleven that evening, I just hadn’t picked up my email or text message.

Still, it was the same affect when I came home at 2am. It needed to be done, the site was down. So I got to work with John on the other end of a chat session, sober, five hours and thousands of miles away.

I can’t believe he put up with a ranting, drunken Scotsman trying to do the technical set-up of the website software while he soberly sat reading the drooling slober and wondering how the hell he could ever get rid of me now!

We finished by 5am and got to bed finally with the site up and running. I’m knackered. Nevermind though it’s poker night tonight, and no beer for me. None at all. No way. Maybe one…

2 comments on “Pablo’s long Birthday night”

  1. pablo Reply

    Well, what can i say. its many months after my birthday bash and ricardos comments are unfortunately very accurate. Lots of alcohol(maybe too much in some cases), but one hell of an evening.

    Love the food at sweet melindas, its a definite favourite for me and any friends that i happen to take along with me.

    Might try it a little less drunk next time or maybe not!

  2. Lee Reply

    Drunken Scotsman? Never…

    Some things never change, technical work while under the influence. If I remember rightly wasn’t NB3 developed that way?

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