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I’ve never met someone who can remember one of their customers names for years on end, despite them moving away and only returning once or twice a year. Not only does the owner remember my name, but my job, my car, where I live, and loads about my family. Each time one of the Brunton’s arrives, he’ll ask all about everyone and how they are doing. After not visiting for around two years, my Mother phoned in an order and the voice returned “Mrs Brunton. Is Richard home for the weekend?”. Now that is customer service.

Michael is the owner of the Schezuan Chinese Take-away in Portlethen, and when you meet him he treats you as an old friend, not as a customer. In fact, his customer service is non-existant, because he just doesn’t treat you as a customer at all, just a friend.

The food here isn’t greasy and has plenty of crisp, chunky vegetables added. It’s closer to authentic that most take-aways, and isn’t heavy laden with MSG. Very tasty indeed. My personal favourite is their Singapore Fried Rice which is the best I’ve tasted and could eat again and again, unashamedly spicy.

Ignore the scores of useless, scummy and harmless teenagers lined outside the shopping area and get in there for some great food at excellent prices. Currently Michael is competing against the Chip Shop on the same block, as well as another Chinese, a Pizza joint and the Ashvale across the other side of the village. I won’t even mention the poor Asda take-away meals. Still, he provides great value for money and far better food than the others.

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  1. Pablo Reply

    I could be really scarcastic here and suggest why he remembers, but i will refrain as i am due a good punch in the nose already. What i will say is that about eight years ago i had a disgusting beef in black bean sauce from a chinese takeway in Brisbane. I have not eaten a chinese meal from a takeaway since. Which is a shame as i really enjoy chinese food. I have in the last eight years eaten chinese food of course. I have prepared meals at home, been lucky enough to eat in a mixed restaurant in singapore(droooooool, singapore has the best mix of food, culture and shoopping.) But by far the best chinese meal i have had is on Singapore airlines(ok so it was business class) but still, i never expected to A: get a decent meal on a plane and B: ejnoy it so much that now i only fly with singapore airlines so that i can enjoy the in-flight food. weird? yes i know i am.

    I would very much like to try this restaurant, so next time i am in the stoney/porthlethen area i will break my “thats disgusting i will NEVER eat that again” statement. I will also mention that I am a friend of Mr Brunton and see how friendly it can be. 🙂

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