Taichi Yamada – Strangers

I find that a lot of the movies I’ve seen and the books I’ve read from authors and directors in the far east have a certain structure about them. There’s not such a great concentration on the ending, more on the journey, the story itself and the morale. What you find is that you have to almost get used to that way, and then you can enjoy the tale. This holds true for me with this book.

It’s quite transparent, well I found anyway, and there wasn’t a great surprise. I did find myself getting more excited by trying to second guess the book – something that I can’t stop doing and really does bother me – but it didn’t destroy the story for me. As I say, the more interesting part were the themes of forgiveness, guilt and second chances.

An interesting story, a good read, and just like Out a really nice feeling book to read through. However I think it will most definitely be give away and not a shelf keeper.

Strangers – Taichi Yamada on Amazon UK

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