XBox: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005

The first thing I have to say is why in the hell did the Developers not think to allow you to import your old game face? Fun as it is to waste away four hours fiddling with your upper left nostril scar, it would have saved a lot of time if I could just have loaded in my previous face and then played around with the new tweaks.

That over with, I got into the game. For me there’s not much changed. The disappointment of the poor in game graphics is still there. Dull and lifeless as a Conservative MP discussing the state of his navel fluff.

All the old features are there, allowing you to gain sponsorship, build up your prize money and buy new gear. Fantastically there’s a nice search and filter option for the equipment, so you don’t have to scroll through five hundred items to find your new pair of lucky socks. Plus you have a page down option when scrolling through the lists, a couple of things I always found frustrating.

The real time events are still there, along with all the traditional game types. There are a few more options that I haven’t yet explored, for instance the legends series, but it feels just like another front end for the World games in the previous version.

Something that has been added is the ability to earn tokens for wins and use these to purchase courses and customise them. The harder you make them, the more reward you get when you complete them under par. It’s called Tiger proofing.

Another needed feature is handicapping. I was tired of playing a tour and winning by 40 strokes every game. Now they’ve added a handicap so that it’s that bit harder. Combine that with the Tiger proofing and you have just added a lot more to the lifetime playability.

The pointless Tiger Vision has been added, allowing you to see where you should aim for a putt, however you can only use it a certain number of times per round, and to begin with that number is one. All the distances have been changed to metric now, easy for those non-UK or younger players, but not so easy for us slightly older ones who can visualise in feet and inches much easier, and have gotten used to the game that way.

More to come as I play it, but it’s certainly a worthy update. whether it truly should be a complete sequel I’m not sure. If they’d up the graphics level, and sorted out some really annoying bugs like characters swinging from inside a tree, then perhaps it would be.

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