Betty’s Tea Rooms – York

We couldn’t visit York without going to Betty’s, I was told anyway. So we did. It’s a proper English tea room, which really does try and retain the old standards, unfortunately not in price, but definitely in quality, taste and style.

It was a great experience, and you really did feel you were back in time. The food, coffees and teas on offer were amazing, and it was a real struggle choosing what to drink, never mind what to eat, but we managed yet again! There were just so many different cakes on offer, and deliciously tasty ones at that.

The service was excellent, and while you queued you could peruse the menu and were checked with as to the table you were after. The Maitre d’ looked after the incoming customers and also with the staff who all seemed to have a smile and a joke with each other while moving the tables through very quickly.

Before the tea room itself there’s also a shop where you can buy many of the teas and coffees that they use, and not only that the most amazing range of appetising cakes I have seen…I could have caused serious damage there, if it wasn’t for all the food we’d already eaten that day!

Well worth a visit for the experience, but be prepared to be seduced by the food and buy just as much as you leave through the shop. Watch though, prices are not old England.

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  1. emily collins Reply

    betty’s was a very pleasant cafe and i hope to visit again.

  2. June W. Griffith Reply

    We enjoyed Tea at Betty’s in August of 2005 while on a trip to the British Isles. On our first day in York, we found Betty’s and had afternoon tea. We were so impressed with the decor, the elegance, and the manner in which we were treated. So nice.

    I would ask a couple of questions, if I might. The menu offered our choice of tea (of course), sandwich and dessert. All were perfect. In the US when enjoying afternoon tea out, the tea rooms tend to offer a number of items – four tiny assorted sandwiches, three or four tiny desserts and a scone with cream and curd or jam, all making up what they call afternoon tea. Is this all a bit much? Is it customary to do as Betty’s does. I am curious. I am not saying one is right and one wrong, I am just curious as to what is the most used method.

    Tea at home was tea and read or cheese and crackers. The tea rooms have really tried to gussy up their offerings. Is it just custom.

    Thank you for your help.


  3. Richard Brunton Reply

    Mmm…that’s an interesting one. I think traditional English Afternoon Tea (and of course I’m Scottish so I’m not 100% sure) would be a choice of one. Small sandwiches or scone with cream and jam, and I would assume that there are differences for regions, etc.

    I think the choice of all of them is something that’s arisen in more recent years.

    Are there any English people out there who could offer assistance? My Dad for instance?

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