Caffé Luccano – Edinburgh

Once we’d left Monster Mash without pudding on Pablo’s recommendation, we decided to try out Caffé Luccano, and Pablo kindly offered to buy us some coffee and cakes. Good man, good choice.

It appears family run, and very busy, we stood and waited for a table – our first being taken by some rude Grannies – and we were attended to very quickly. Cakes weren’t hard to choose, they looked big, rich and very bad for you. Right on all counts, which meant they were even more tasty!

They even made nice hot coffee. My mocha arrived in a nice big mug and was piping hot, so hot I couldn’t drink it to start with. Note coffee shops who serve lukewarm coffee, I didn’t pour it over myself and then try to sue them. Instead I enjoyed it, and left with the feeling I would return to them again and spend my cash. There’s a lesson there to be learned.

We were also allowed to sit there for quite a while after we’d finished, and they didn’t seem concerned with how long we stayed without buying more. A nice friendly place, and one of the young ladies even had the time to suggest that Pablo had a nice six pack…she never noticed mine.

Hugely recommended for a coffee and a snack, and the best thing is it’s all non-smoking.

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  1. Pablo Reply

    hahaaha, its amazing how many compliments you can get if you ring ahead and promise a large tip.

    But seriously, never and i mean NEVER had a bad cake in there. Coffee, while not being gourmet, is very good and worth the trip alone, however i get the feeling the coffee is so tasty as i usually have a super cake to go with it. And that also makes the hot coffee issue more important as i need to eat the cake before drinking the coffee…. ooohhhh cake, i think i might be heading out for a walk at lunchtime.

    Only negative about the place is that let just about anybody in, so my plan of offering to pay for coffee and cake was on the back of expecting them not to let us in as we were(ok i was) badly dressed 🙂

    just kidding.

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