This was a bit of a disappointment for me as a few friends had recommended it to me and have continued to remind me of it whenever they can. So when I actually saw it I really felt it didn’t live up to their recommendations. They had really made it out to be a violent and over the top movie showing the life of one of the most violent criminals there has been, and that’s not what I saw.

It was a good movie, but it felt quite loose in structure and seemed to leap a lot of the life of Mark “Chopper” Reid and go straight onto the latter years. It also portrayed him more as a man battling with his anger and paranoia than a criminal. It even tried to show him in a more appealing light as a likeable, bur clearly violent rogue.

None of this worked for me, and I really want to read the book to understand what the real story was and where the film went wrong in it’s portrayal. There seemed to be no real progression or development to the story, and other than a few earlier scenes it concentrates on an already developed character who is just falling apart.

Saying that, the acting by Eric Bana is fantastic. Watching the real Chopper on the DVD it was quite astounding how close Bana had managed to make his portrayal and capture the quirks of the character. He was brilliant, edgy, scary and just had a very psychotic look to him.

The extras really do enhance the experience, with two audio commentaries one from the Director, and one from Chopper himself, there are a number of revealing moments. Alongside the deleted scenes is the section that contains a few short video clips the Director filmed while Bana and he were chatting with Chopper to gain his character traits.

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  1. Pablo Reply

    I watched this movie on its release five(or is it more?) years ago, crikey! And thoroughly enjoyed it. At the time i had no idea who he was etc and hadn’t been influenced by other peoples opinions. I must admit it isn’t the best in sound/acting/etc as a whole, but for me it conveys what it must be like to be a disturbed individual.

    It is an exercpt of his life and probably doesn’t capture some of his character development, but does give you a brief window into a very violent and disturbing time for any individual.

    Eric Bana does a very life-like redention of Chopper, scarily so, and to think that his last major acting had been from TV spoof comedy shows and a very bit part in a comedy film, excellent.

    Unfortunately he then goes to hollywood and plays his part in making big-block-buster-pants movies. Go figure.

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