Cornish Pasty Bakery – York

While visiting York recently we, strangely, ate and drank loads. Odd how that all comes together on a trip away, still, that’s what we did. One such place we visited was the The Cornish Pasty Shop in York, which I think is actually called the Cornish Pasty Bakery on Colliergate.

I’ve never had such excellent Cornish Pasties. I went for a traditional steak, which was filled with potato at one end, vegetable at the other, and a big lump of steak right in the middle. Perfectly made. I of course had to go for the jumbo, and found that I had little space left for anything else, even a pint of beer!

The shop was really busy, but the staff seemed to be keeping smiles on their faces, hygiene standards high and caught us in a bit of banter about the food. I suggested that I would be okay trying a jumbo size as they weren’t all that fattening, apparently I was wrong!

It was really tasty, traditionally made, and a good bargain to boot. You could even buy a box of twelve, I think there were two free in the box, that you could take home and freeze. I almost did! Well worth a visit when you’re passing.

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