Favorit – Edinburgh

After watching The Assassination of Richard Nixon we headed here for a drink, a bite to eat, and some good conversation. Unfortunately the latter was hard to find for the boys as we engaged in an ongoing game of seven degrees. I’ll try and find out what the ones we played were and post them separately, but back to the review.

This is a cool place, being open late, offering food at the same time and allowing you to sit down and chat with friends without battling loud dance music. The other attraction is that you can have a coffee or a drink, it’s neither a cafe or a bar but it’s managed to perch itself perfectly between the two.

Only thing is that there is a tendency for smokers to settle beside you, perhaps there is a non-smoking area but since it’s popular seats are at a premium.

Cheesy Tortilla Chips

Bacon, French Toast and Maple Syrup


Although we turned up at about half past eleven on a Sunday night, we still managed to get food and a mixture of coffee’s and beers. The grub was simple and quick, I saw the Tortilla’s being microwaved and the French Toast didn’t really taste like toast, more just think slices of bread, but it was quite tasty and filled a hole. What can you expect at that time anyway other than a chipper!

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