Lukewarm coffee – The worst thing about mornings

You know what really annoys me? Well, loads of things actually, but one really big one is my lukewarm morning coffee.

I don’t want lukewarm coffee, for an authentic taste like that I could happily piss in a cup, wait for it to cool, and drink it. That would be just as good. I want a hot coffee, something I can take my time over drinking, sipping it slowly, enjoying the taste and the warmth.

Wherever I go I can’t get a coffee that’s hot. What it seems to be down to is the length of time the person preparing the coffee can be bothered to stand and heat the milk. Well I have some advice, how about longer?

Here’s where I’ve tried, and I’ll try and rank them in order of coldness:


    Coffee Box

    Chocolate Soup


I have to applaud Pret there, because just about all the time, despite the extra long walk I have over some of the others, it still is pretty hot by the time I get to my desk.

Look, I am well aware that coffee is hot and that it may burn me, look I’m an adult, that’s pretty obvious just my taking a glance at me. I’m also not an idiot. However, I could be someone set to sue you as soon as you hand over the coffee and I pour it over my head. No, my mistake, I don’t live in America so that court case would never stick. So why can’t you just give me a hot cup of coffee?

8 comments on “Lukewarm coffee – The worst thing about mornings”

  1. Simone Reply

    Why dont you just get a flask Rich and ask them to pour the coffee in there? Just a thought, I amnot trying to be funny. *winks*

  2. Pablo Reply

    Cold beer, hot coffee, perfect wind or wave conditions and a cushy well paid job. ahhhhhh, life doesn’t get any better.

    My favorite coffee shop(actually the only place i regularly go to) is caffeine on the bottom of dundas st. Staff/owners are great for a chat and will openly joke/insult you after getting to know you. ok, so maybe its just me, but their coffee is not overpowering, the beans aren’t super-roasted(note: thats a cheat, i.e. buy cheap beans and then roast them for longer to try and mask the flavour, gives that bitter-burnt taste)

    And its just across the road from work. Only critisim, its so good i drink to much of the stuff and if i was being pathetetic(check!) the staff could wear bikinis. Well maybe just the girls. πŸ™‚

    • Franchise UK Reply

      Yes I agree with the previous comments re coffee shop franchises. Having work with several over the last 12 years or so they are VERY strict with standards so although there are some great small coffee shops if you don’t the area a safe bet.

  3. Richard Reply

    Well I have a flask already…hadn’t thought of that one, but I think the real problem is that they don’t allow the milk to heat up enough as it is, so that would just keep it lukewarm longer.

    Like the idea of that USB warmer though Colin, I’ve seen a few of those before. The USB toaster was particularly cool. My whole breakfast could be cooked on the PC!

    Tried them Pablo, they are good although the walk all the way up that hill (yes Pablo works but 10 minutes walk from where I do!) would have the same effect. Unless I walked down there and and had a coffee in the shop everytime I wanted one.

    I like the bikini idea though. I’m wearing mine to the coffee shop on Monday.

  4. Simone Reply

    I do find that when I order a cuppa at Starbucks, it aint that hot and that’s even when I am just sitting in one of their lounges in store. And youre right the milk isnt heated up well enough either, which is prolly why. Try the flask thing, it looks classy for a man walking around the streets of Edinburgh with a flask of steaming hot coffee. *smiles*

    I’ll also check out your link Colin!

  5. Pablo Reply

    My favourite coffee shop has just been sold and the new owners have employed complete newbies, rahhhhhhhhhh! The same machine using the exact same coffee and the most basic of coffees, a.k.a the latte, is now rubbish. Have started walking up the road(to a different shop) and then asking for the milk to be heated a bit longer. Seems to do the trick.

  6. Coffee Reply

    The thought of drinking cold coffee that you have paid for must be very infuriating. I would complain myself until they either refunded me or made me a new coffee which is hot but that doesn’t really make it any better I suppose. I think that there is only two options really, don’t ever go back to that particular coffee shop or tell them they are serving cold coffee because it’s probably not just you they are selling it to.

    I think that some major coffee franchise companies are more strict on their standards but obviously not all of them. I suppose the only saving grace is that at least you would be able to complain to head office about a particular franchise that is constantly serving you cold coffee.

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