Monster Mash – Edinburgh

I am a huge lover of mashed potatoes, in fact potatoes in any form, but I particularly love the mashed variety, add to that the fact that I love sausages – good ones, not ones mixed with hooves and noses – and it sounds like Monster Mash is my personal heaven.

We’ve been trying to go here for ages, and Saturday was the day, heading across early because we’ve seen it get really busy, we grabbed a booth before the rush started and began to be a little concerned. It doesn’t look that well kept, and everything looks like an old English cafe.

Looks are most definitely deceiving though, and the service was the first thing that struck us as having that extra touch to it. Our waitress was chatty and relaxed, almost as though you were eating at a friends house, and she even sat down beside us to take the order.

Mustard Mash

Lucifer Sausage

Pork and Mango Sausage

Caramelised Onion Gravy

Monster Mash

There’s not much in the way of food to choose from, you’re looking at different styles of sausages, mash, and generally all forms of traditional British cafe food. You know I can’t specifically remember anything else on the menu because I was dazzled by the mash, and what mash it was too.

It was gorgeous, the sausages were very tasty with the Lucifer being quite spicy with a nice kick, and the mustard mash stacked on the plate making little room for the gravy to start with, but I made some. You do get a lot of food there, and it’s very tasty.

Just as we finished and I was considering the Apple Pie as my girlfriend thought about the deep friend ice cream our friend Pablo arrived, and with him he brought a warning. The main courses may be good but when he was last in with a group of eight they all agreed that they didn’t like their puddings. With that, we paid and left.

Regardless of what the puddings would have been like, the main courses were excellent. Loads of food and a fun place to eat.

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  1. Pablo Reply

    I agree with you Richard, Monster Mash is tops. I was a little bit of a piggy when i was there last. I might like to add that i was with very good friends, so me eating just about everybody elses food, while being a little bit unhygenic, was greeeeeeat.

    Desert=cream(out of a tin), fruit(out of a tin) mixed with ice-cream. Not very nice, especially after the fab main course. Some slices(i think banoffi pie etc) but again, quite bland or uninspiring.

    TOP TIP: have main course at monster mash then head out to the nearest cafe(i think theres three good ones nearby) and have some lovely cakes.

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