New XBox to kill off old

Microsoft have announced their second generation games console. Quite simply put that means their XBox 2, named the XBox 360, this is almost 3½ years after its release, whereas the Playstation 2 has been on release now for almost 5 years. Some difference.

An article I read recently asked you to think of a few titles that were available with the XBox on its release, I thought of more than a few, then it asked you to think of one title that was released with the PS2. I was totally stuck. Now, that’s not because they were bad stated the article, it’s because it was so long ago. The XBox is due replaced before even the first generation of games have been played out of the console, and out of the owners minds.

Okay, so the XBox had a head start, after all it’s just a PC in a fancy box. Yet have developers had enough time to really push the limits of the XBox and bring us a truly inspiring game? Remember, if you can, the progression of the Formula One games on the PS2, the first was pretty awful, being a port of a PSX original, but by the final release the graphics and handling were stunning when compared with the original. Look at the GTA series and where they are now sitting with San Andreas, would anyone have thought that possible back with the first generation of PS2 games?

So now Microsoft are allegedly limiting the number of XBox units available and are gearing down to let the market get hungry for the XBox 360, a machine that will not be backwards compatible with the XBox. Where does that leave gamers? Stuck with the XBox and a horde of Developers who have hardly even explored the console all leaping en masse to the 360, where they will develop new games and begin on the first generation releases once again.

The average life expectancy of a games console was 5 years, Microsoft have just dropped that to 3½. Isn’t something wrong there? Where’s my value for money, where are my third and fourth generation developed games?

I am already feeling slightly conned and backed into a corner to upgrade with the latest technology. If you want to see Halo 3, or PGR3, or even the next Splinter Cell, you’ll have to wait and purchase the next batch of hardware in the XBox 360. Oh, and be sure not to sell your original XBox, you’ll need to keep that to play your existing games.

Pure marketing and business. It reinforces my thoughts that Sony are balancing the marketing model against the average owner and gamer, they are at least thinking of giving them some value. Microsoft, well where there’s money.

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  1. Colin Reply

    But the question is…will you be buying one?

    I have heard rumours that there are a number of different version (i.e. one with a hard-drive, one without, one thats pretty much a fully fledged PC with mouse/keyboard)…this to me seems like a mistake. The main positive that a console has a over a PC (with regard to games developement) is that the developer know exactly what hardware everyone is going to have, have three version for one console alone is just going to make them shy away from utilising any of the platform specific stuff….hmmmm, will be interesting to see how all this plays out.

  2. Richard Reply

    Not so sure if I will. If I’m being honest the PS2 gets me playing more than the XBox, and on one game franchise and one game alone. GTA:SA for now.

    Okay, on the XBox I have some new games. Brothers in Arms isn’t going to last me too long, and I’m playing Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory non stop, but that too will outlive its enjoyment within the week…and I’ll be back to GTA with the odd return to play Colin McRae, PGR2 or Tiger Woods.

    There’s nothing on the XBox with any longevity, and hardly anything with decent playability.

    This is the problem, they’re off to another console already before the Developers can stop concentrating on the technology and start on the playability. That’s why PS2 is so strong, they have a wealth of playable titles.

  3. Pablo Reply

    one word says it all for xbox crap-ness.


    Oh mercenaries comes a close second in rubbish-ness as well. What were they like for the ps2?

    I am selling my xbox and going to buy a ps2, give me a console that has games I want to play first then look at after.

  4. Dark Matt Reply

    I concur – I pre-ordered my PS2, and (along with my sons have played it to death – every weekend for 5 years), I won an X Box in an EA online survey shortly after it was released and have only really played Halo, Jedi Academy and Mechwarrior…

    I’m a dead cert for PS3 and am playing Tiger Woods every spare moment (and sorry Richard – watching movies on my PSP)… Obviously I’ll look at the Xbox 360 but would still rather win one!!

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