Peter Gate Fisheries – York

York was about food, drink and trains for us. Another good meal that we managed to cram in was at Peter Gate Fisheries. What initially looked like a very popular Fish and Chip Takeaway turned out to have a small restaurant in the back, well I say restaurant, it was sit down takeaway really, but it was great food.

Unfortunately I can’t track down where this one was, but I’m sure someone who was with us at the time can point me in the right direction. When you actually went through the back it was like a small old village house, in a very old English style. In fact I would say more like an old English tea house than a chip shop. Old wooden beams, paintings around the room, the decor was lovely and aimed very much at the tourist.

The staff were quick to move the tables, which also meant they were quick to serve you, and serve they did. We mostly all opted for the fish and when that came we were amazed by the size of the portions. There was loads of food.

Having worked in a mobile chip van for a lot of my youth – hello to Alex if he’s out there – I know the shortcuts that can be taken to get food out on time, and that results in undercooked chips, soggy batter, and generally bad food. However despite how busy this place was they didn’t scrimp on making sure the fat was at temperature and that everything was cooked properly. The fish was really tasty, and the batter nowhere near soggy, crisp and quite light. The chips were nice homemade ones and well cooked. Not a single complaint, except from the groaning chair.

The only oddity about the whole visit is the outside toilet! Excellent place (I’ll avoid that joke) to visit for some fish and chips. Great food.

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