Ruined holidays and more Doctor hassles

I can’t believe it. Finally my girlfriend and I have a week off work together, on Sunday we booked a luxury hotel in the Lakes to spend three nights at a fab 50% off. The luxury double room with the flat screen TV and DVD system looked wonderful, the views amazing, and plenty of things to do nearby without taking my car. My new Nikon D70 Digital SLR was all set to go, having just finished the manual and had a play around with it.

So what’s wrong? An unbelievable flu has descended on me, and I feel so bad I’ve had an hours sleep, my nostrils are red raw and at one point last night I was concerned I might have Meningitis. Really, it’s that bad.

Yeah, I know what some of you are thinking, man-flu. A little sniffle and men are rolling about the floor. Not this time. My nose and eyes are streaming, phlegmy chest, harsh coughing, joints aching, continual headache and very sore sinuses. I feel totally rotten.

There’s no chance of me driving, I’m even going to have to cancel the car service I had booked, I doubt I’m going to be able to take the car more than a few meters before having to wipe my face, blow my nose, or cough like a madman.

So that’s the week ruined then. Quick visit to the Doctor today to get a medical note and perhaps I can recoup my holidays…not so sure if I can do it, but it’s worth a try.

Early this morning was the panic time though, sitting on the NHS Direct website thinking I would check up on my symptoms to try and consider calling out the local Doctor, I turned to the online self help diagnosis tool…what I fool I was.

Presented with the list of possible ailments, I chose colds and flus, and was presented with the following question:

Are you developing a rash that does not fade when you press a glass tumbler or finger against it?

Well that’s okay, the answer to that is quite clear. No.

Are you suffering from a stiff neck, headache and do you find the light hurts your eyes and/or you feeling very sleepy and confused?

This is where it got a little tricky. I do have a sore neck, as is most of my head and my joints. Yes to the headache, and bright light does hurt a little, but you get used to it. Oh yeah, feeling very sleepy. So that’s pretty much a yes. Oh my god! Call 999 is the flashing answer.

Surely I replied to something wrong, well going back, if I answered no to the previous question I’m told I have a flu and what I can, or rather can’t, do about it.

That struck me as a bit poor, if you interpret the symptoms incorrectly, even slightly, you end up being told to call 999! With the other alternative being you have a cold or flu?!

That database definitely needs the questions rewritten. I just wonder how many phone calls are made to 999 because of colds and flus?

More hassle with the local surgery though, as we called we’re told that we have to call back at 08:30 for appointments, they couldn’t do anything until then. Oh dear. Nothing’s easy!

3 comments on “Ruined holidays and more Doctor hassles”

  1. Simone Reply

    I am sorry to hear about this Rich but it does look like some kind of meningitis to me, and you do need to see your GP quick or go to A&E and get treatment of antibiotics, if its bacterial of course, antibiotics doesnt work on viral meningitis. I hope I am wrong but I am basing it on your symptoms, and if it is indeed meningitis, the girlfriend is susceptible to acquire it too, so just keep an eye on her too.

  2. Richard Reply

    Thanks Simone, I’ve been to the Doc’s and I have a sinus infection, so it’s not as bad as we thought. On antibiotics for the infection and I’m steaming myself and sucking tunes continuously to try and clear it up. Plus loads of vitamins!

  3. Simone Reply

    Fancy a nice bed bath from the girlfriend now too eh Rich? *winks*

    As I was typing my previous reply, I thought if what you had was that bad, I might not see you online for a while, but look at you! Tsk, tsk, tsk. Get a rest! *laughs*

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