The Last Drop – York

After experiencing a lovely jumbo pasty and some lively street escapologist who really needed to shave his back, we decided to pop in for a local pint at The Last Drop also on Colliergate, one of the pubs owned by Yorks only brewery.

It had the feel of an old mans pub as you walked in, but the clientele spoke differently, a range from young to old, from foreign tourist to local. You can sit down at a table, at a beer keg or even brave the outside beer garden. We decided to stay in, it was freezing after all!

You can sample some of the local ales, and I randomly chose a Guzzler, it just seemed to suit me. Oh, I wasn’t disappointed. It was fruity, smooth and incredibly light boasting a nice 3.6% effect. It was so good I had two pints, and drank the same again when we returned the following evening. It’s a shame I didn’t get to try any others, but then it’s also a good sign that the first one I tried was so good I didn’t want to try anything else.

The staff were friendly and the atmosphere was warm and inviting, much warmer than the cold day we visited York on. I would recommend this place, and any of its sister pubs for their excellent beer. Try the Guzzler.

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