I’ve thrown myself into Gerard Butler movies, well I’m trying to at least. Mainly because I might on the remotest chance in hell get to interview him, that would be truly superb, but I don’t know how likely it will be but I’m keeping my fingers crossed and praying my contact comes through. With that I decided to watch Timeline.

I’m not a big fan of Michael Chrichton, oh I know this will get me hit with titles of books, movies and TV shows and “what about this one” pleas, but something always sticks in my throat about him. He wrote Westworld, the story of a pleasure park where the man made attractions go wild and rebel against their human captors. Do I have to go on? Sounds like the sequel, and the Jurassic Park movies? Sure he’s done different things since, but that really stuck with me and bugged me to the point of not watching his movies or reading his books.

It would be great at this point to say I’ve been turned since watching this movie, but I can’t. Not that the movie is the same story, there are similar moralities to it, but that it’s not that great. The story is clumsy and character decisions are weak, a large part of it is very much stock plot and whatever could be deemed as new and inventive just seems to plod along and doesn’t really have the depth to it.

What I did like was the editing. Skipping back and forth between the times was well done, and just at the right moments to add tension, but everything just seemed destined to happen. When you should have been sitting wondering what they were going to do and how, you already knew or had a fair idea, and it just seemed to happen.

The big battle scene was incredibly well done, and along with the sound editing made for some mighty seat leaping moments. Yet I keep coming back to the bad points, and I can’t get past them.

Billy Connolly was awful in this, and that’s strange because he’s been so good in other movies. Some of the other casting was flat and uninspiring, with Neal McDonough playing the same character he did in Boomtown. However, Gerard Butler was good, and I’m not just saying that, he was. Well, he made the best of what he had. His screaming line at the end of the battle with his realisation of the obvious (what we had known since the beginning) was a laugh and seemed very heartfelt.

The DVD itself is not that exciting. There’s no commentary, just a couple of poor documentaries and the trailer. The sound during the battle sequences is loud and punchy, and that’s about all I can say on the DVD.

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  1. Simone Reply

    Ahhhhhh Rich. You’ve finally seen this film. I think the only reason to watch this one is because of, well you already said it, Gerard Butler. Why it was promoted as a Paul Walker starrer is still beyond me when it was Butler who definitely pulled in the punches on this one. What is the next Butler film on your list?

  2. Simone Reply

    Can I make a suggestion? Get “Attila”. You will be very impressed, if not, curse me! LOL

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