Burgh – Edinburgh

This is a non-smoking pub. What else do I need to say? A few Friday’s ago we discovered it as we had just been for a drink in Tiles, in which every table had at least one person at it who was smoking, apart from our table of course. Not that there’s anything wrong with those people wanting to smoke it’s just that it gets into my lungs and can cause me to have cancer, so excuse my shortness on the subject. My Dad used to have a poster at his work which went roughly like this:

Your pleasure is smoking, it get’s in my hair, my clothes and my lungs. My pleasure is drinking, and the result of my pleasure is that I need to urinate. Would you mind if I stood on a chair and pissed on your head?

So with those sentiments we left, we couldn’t take it anymore, and ended up in the Burgh which had been smoke free for only a few months.

Unfortunately it was a week night and the place wasn’t particularly mobbed, so it did lack atmosphere, but the decor is nice, there’s a couple of big screens, a nice big bar with friendly staff and all the drink you’d need and some fabulously big and chunky chips.

An excellent pub for non-smokers, and right in the heart of the city on St Andrews Street. A smell of things to come when the anti-smoking bill comes through.

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