Formula 1 farce

I’m a fan, if you hadn’t guessed, and I’m probably as well as informed as the average fan out there, so bear that in mind when you read this, especially if you are from the FIA.

Formula 1 has really got a death wish now, with two huge new championships looming over its shoulder and the growl of American racing screaming from behind as it leaps off the plane onto British tarmac, they are still sitting in their boardroom arguing and posturing amongst themselves and the teams, all the time the fans are confused and have another reason in a long, long line of reasons, to be disgruntled at the sport.

Banning BAR from the next two races seems like nothing more than toys out of the pram for the FIA. From my, a fan’s, point of view, let me summaries the issues as we’ve seen them.

  1. BAR car found to be illegal after race
  2. Stewards investigate and clear car as legitimate
  3. FIA challenge and take the decision to court
  4. Court rules against BAR and face a two race ban
  5. BAR pack up and leave race

I mean that seems pretty clear doesn’t it, but not when you hear the comments from either side. Here’s a few gathered from Formula 1 Official site, BAR’s official site and the ITV coverage.

Before any decision is reached by the courts, Ecclestone says:

“…you have to assume they are guilty…”

Honda BAR’s CEO Nick Fry states:

“…the FIA new about the fuel cell since the beginning of the season, so for them to bring it up now and ban us just when we win…”

“The FIA International Court of Appeal in its own judgement was unable to prove that the team acted in bad faith,” continued the team’s statement. “BAR Honda therefore remains unclear as to the basis for such a severe penalty. The team vigorously contests any insinuation that could potentially tarnish its reputation and good record, something that is of fundamental importance to the whole organisation and its partners.”

“We repeat that at no time did BAR Honda run underweight at the San Marino Grand Prix and this was also unchallenged by the FIA.

“The team proved that it complied with the current regulations and the FIA now acknowledges that the regulations are unclear.”

Max Mosley, FIA President…

“…issued a strong warning to all of the teams when he said: “We are now considering whether to select one car at random of the points scorers at every race, and stripping it to the last nut and bolt. That will give a seven to one chance that if you are cheating and finish in the points, you will get caught.”

Right. So what’s going on here. With all the technical battles between McLaren and Ferrari during their fights, they ended up in the courts quite a bit, and my previous thoughts on the matter are very clear. Ferrari always won the decisions, even when they blatantly broke the rules. Now Mosley is waving his arms and spouting about being harsh with those that break the rules. Well I guess that’s all very well and good now that Ferrari are not winning, and with their funding pulled from Fiat, looking like they won’t be dominating anymore. When they were the ones breaking the rules where was that harshness?

What is this all about, that the FIA knew about the tank at the start of the season, and when BAR are winning points and looking very strong this becomes an issue and here we are now. You’ve also got to think how the Stewards passed the car. If it was underweight and illegal then it was, but they checked it, heard the team, checked the rules and allowed it. Why would they do that?

What the hell is going on here? It’s making F1 out to be a complete farce of money and favouritism, and who’s paying the price? The fans. They see less racing this weekend, BAR fans less of their favourite team. Well I guess FIA and F1 are also being hit hard, when you look at what has really happened you can’t help but think Honda BAR have been a victim in all of this.

Formula 1 is fast becoming a joke of a sport, and there’s nothing much can be done to save. For the first time I’m starting to look at the new championships and if they can replace this sport for me.

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