Is Burma the next war zone?

According to the New Scientist there is growing evidence that Burma’s military used chemical weapons against the rebels of the country.

Burma’s military forces used shells containing chemical weapons against rebels in February, according to the London-based human rights group Christian Solidarity Worldwide. Guerrillas from the Karen people report lung and skin irritations and severe muscle weakness following the attack. The dictatorship denies the claims.
New Scientist

Obviously this means the UN will be rolling out immediate sanctions and resolutions with the threat of invasion should they not comply

It is interesting comparing the UN and US/UK reasoning for their resolutions and actions against Iraq to their inaction and non-response to other countries around the world engaged in similar acts of terror and genocide.

Isreal and Palestine fighting, and the former having possessed Nuclear capability and power for so long; Iran and their oppressive regime; North Korea developing Nuclear capability; Africa’s many ongoing problems and Burma’s use of chemical weapons are just a few of the many examples of double standards in the policies of the UN and the beliefs that the US and UK have been selling to their people.

It does beg the question that if we will go to war and stay at war for the reasons which have so easily been proven to be false and for some, lies, how can we not in all these circumstances above? How can we let these things happen while we remain in Iraq?

Straight away I feel the need to defend myself before facing questions galore. I totally support our troops whatever the reasons they have been sent to war. They have been told by their Commanding Officers that they have to go, and despite what the Courts, Governments and the CO’s themselves tell us, troops have to follow orders. They are trained to do so, and told that if they don’t they could die. Whatever the circumstances we cannot hold them liable for following orders, those that are liable are the ones that originated the order. So while our troops are engaged, I’ll support them.

I also believe that Saddam should have been removed from his position of power and the corrupt regime toppled. Whatever hasn’t been proved and has been made up for the propaganda purposes of elections and justifications, they were reponsible for gassing villages of innocent Kurds.

However, if we look at the inactions of the UN, US and the UK throughout the world, why did we bother going into Iraq at all? Why aren’t we engaged in stopping the use of chemical weapons in Burma, the active solving of the Isreal-Palestine problems, the modernisation of oppressive regimes and the halting of wars and genocidal acts?

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