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It took me long enough to decide to buy the Honda S2000 GT, and when I did I decided to get some of the extras offered. While I was researching it I was thinking about the paintwork and keeping it clean, I would hand wax my old MR2 MKII every six months, and while it kept the lustre for a short while, without a lot of hard work I never really got it looking stunning, if you’ll excuse the use of the sales pitch, like the out of the showroom shine.

So I had a look at the products on offer to treat the paintwork and ensure the dirt didn’t stick so easily and found that Honda were offering the Jewelultra Diamondbrite process. I took that to the Honda UK Owners Club Forum to find out what current owners thought of it, and there was mixed reaction. Some said it was good, some said it was bad, and a lot were recommending other US products that meant a lot of hand waxing.

It was ages after that when I finally decided to buy the car, and while I was sitting there thinking about the cash I was about to part with I decided just to get it done. An extra £200 was just a fraction of the cost of the car, and if it did what it promised, well then it was worth it.

From the Jewelultra website:

The hard, high gloss protective skin that Jewelultra Diamondbrite gives, prevents road salts, traffic film, acid rain, fallout from factories, tree sap, insect fluid and other atmospheric pollutants from contacting your cars paintwork. Fading from ultraviolet light is virtually eliminated as is nitrate etching caused by bird droppings…

…The worlds leading airlines use Conserver to protect the paint on their aircraft.

Jewelultra Diamondbrite website

What the site tells you that it does is that untreated paintwork is rough, and dirt sticks in those holes making it dirty quickly and harder to clean. Not only that the chemicals in there can start to damage the paint over time, making it fade, crack and even let the bodywork through to the air and begin oxidising and rusting. That’s a bad thing. So this product is applied and coated on the paintwork to smooth it over and allow dirt to slide off the car easily. Using the special conserver once a month will top up the coating and ensure a guaranteed coating for six years, keeping the car shiny and looking like it is brand new and just waxed.

So what’s it like in practice? Well I’ve just gone through the process of washing the car and it looks perfect, almost as it did when it came from the showroom. I seriously doubt you’ll ever get that kind of shine again, but it keeps it pretty close. What’s the process I hear you ask, well, let me just quickly run through it.

Hose the car down to get rid of loose dirt, use warm water and the shampoo to clean the car, hose the car down to get rid of all the soap, clean the bucket, use warm water and the conserver to cover the paintwork, hose the car down to get rid of excess conserver then chamois the car dry.

All in all this took me a grand three hours today. Mainly because of the conserver stage, and this for me is the only negative side of the experience. If you let the conserver dry on the windows it streaks, and it stays. So after the conserver has been used I tend to clean it all off the windows with some glass cleaner, but it still takes a while and is the hardest bit of work of the whole process. Oh, and a quick note, you should use the full bucket of water and conserver on the car, don’t waste any.

Other than that it’s pretty easy, and if your car is new and comes out looking sparkling, then it’s well worth the effort and lovely to do on a sunny afternoon.

The other benefit is it’s amazing repair ability. I received a number of little scratches, they aren’t that deep ad just across the first few layers of paint, not down to the bodywork at all. You’ll notice that after the conserver is applied the sponge you’ve used will be all water repellent and slightly tacky to the touch. Just use this and really rub hard against the scratch going at right angles to the direction of the scratch. Slowly you’ll notice it fade, I think this is because the conserver is filling up the damage, but it will fade. I’ve also got two very small but deep scratches, it works really well on these too. They haven’t disappeared by any means, but they have faded enough so that you only see them on close inspection.

I’d totally recommend this treatment for your car, and it’s not just reserved for brand new ones, you can get your car treated at any time. Mind you, I would think they would stipulate that the results are dependant on the quality of your paintwork to begin with. Well worth it though. I have no idea what I’ll need to do in five years time though, and if I’ll need to get it reapplied, but for about £33 per year, I’m not complaining. Gone are the days of a full day of wash and hand waxing.

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  1. Ben Reply

    What was the interior protection like and has your opinion of this process changed as time has elapsed?

    — Ben

  2. Richard Reply

    Hey Ben.

    You’re right I didn’t write about the interior protection. Really I haven’t seen anything majorly special about the interior products, that’s maybe because It’s all leather and I’m using the leather feed. All I’ve noticed is that the feed cleans the dirt off and the colour hasn’t faded at all.

    The exterior is still great. Just now I’ve missed a few washes because of awful weather and just plain being busy, but out in the rain the other day and the water was still beading really well and it took a 300 mile trip to get the car dirty.

    The scratches on the rear of the car are all but gone because of rubbing the treatment into the marks. I’ve noticed a small scratch from a road chip on the roof, and next wash I’ll be working on that. I think a few applications and it should be invisible again.

    Yes, still highly recommend this treatment, but it does need to be kept up.

    Do you use anything different Ben?

  3. Mark Reply

    I too have recently bought a newis car, well 4 year ols Skoda Fabia. I was not certain myself about the diamondbrite but like yourself though 200 was nothing compared to the price of the car. I have only had the car for 2 months since and agree it always looks in showroom conition, even though it is not garaged. In truth I have washed the car 4 times bit not always with the Jewelultra shampoo I have also used turtlewax and found hardly any difference. I have used the conserver monthly as advised, but found a whole bucketfull with 2 capfulls a bit much so I now use 1 capfull to half bucket nd there is ample. I also have noticed on or two small scratches and will be trying what you mentioned about use of conditioner to cover it.

    Also i noticed some minor swirl marks in the car after a week or so, amd emaild Jeweluktra, eventually they sent me some glaze or stage 2 of the treatment saying it should cover the marks “if instructions are followed” Once the weather is more suitable I will try it and let you know. However I do wonder if it is really just a bit of rip of wax polish. Lets just hope it does what it says on the can.

  4. Mark Reply

    Oh yes forgot to say I am not sure about the interior protection. I keep meaning to check. I was thinking of putting some water on one of the seats to see if it beads and does not get absorbed. If I ever get round to it. Still not had chance to do the conserver thing or the stage 2 treatment again.


  5. Danny the web stig Reply

    Putting water (or any other liquid) on the seats to see if it beads is not really a good indicator…

    I’ll be honest with you, I think all the sealant companies, and especially thier salesmen go a bit overboard with the photos of the water beading. It only works on some kind of fabric. If the fabric is coarse it breaks the surface tension and the water doesn’t bead. And besides, given a few mins, the water will soak in on virtually any seat. It’s a bit of a silly marketing ploy really as customers get disapointed when it doesn’t happen — and it’s not like anybody ever gets it done just so they can balance bead of water on thier seats to impress thier friends!

    Despite the lack of beading, it does still prevent the seats from getting stained and stops dirt sticking making the fabrics much easier to clean. If you use a damp microfibre cloth you can just wipe the seats over and in most cases that is enough to clean them.

  6. shaun Reply

    Hi Richard, with ref to the conserver difficult to remove fron the windows well you have no paint on you glass so why put conserver on them, if your careful you can conserver with minimal amounts going onto the glass

  7. Reply

    Hi Shaun.

    Well that’s the obvious answer, it’s just difficult since the conserver is not added neat as a cream or polish, it’s added to a wash bucket of water and the car is washed a second time.

    With the roof being paint it’s difficult to apply the same level of water/conserver as you do the rest of the paintwork without it running down across the windows, especially since it is a smaller and more streamlined car.

    With practice though I am getting less and less on the windows. It would still be good to have a way of cleaning them well enough afterwards.

  8. John heath Reply

    Hi Had Diamondbrite treatment to my new car nearly 7 years ago. {BMW Silver]. Car has NEVER been polished and I have never used the conservator or shampoo!! I simply hose the car occasionally and by the time I get around it there is nowhere to dry -the water has all run off. I am truly amazed at this product and the car still looks like new !! My brother had his new BMW treated around 4 years ago and is equally impressed. My partner has an MX5 Mazda and is having some paintwork done. She will be getting hers treated soon. I am getting two vandalised dents taken out of mine resulting in an area under the back window and another on the wing both of which will be reprayed. Can I get both these ares re-treated or will the conservator do the job as well?:

  9. Reply

    Wow, that’s an amazing length of time for it still to work.

    I had some body work done and they managed to reapply the treatment on the repaired sections without a problem. As long as you get somewhere reputable who can do it you should be okay.

  10. Shaun Reply

    Hi its interesting to her mixed reaction of the paint protection systems d/b.

    over all due you think the product is worth it.

    Shaun (west midlands)

  11. Richard Brunton Reply

    Richard…I just had to comment on what has just happened to me!

    I am waiting for my new car to be built and am considering diamondbrite, i typed diamond brite reviews in google and yours was the first one it found.

    The thing I find spooky is that I am called Richard Brunton aswell and live near Edinburgh, as you well know Brunton is not a common name but to find your review was totally spooky.


    Richard Brunton

  12. Reply

    Now that really is spooky! Hope you’re not buying an S2000, because if you are things are really strange – actually if you’re having it built then it’s definitely not!

    Brunton’s are quite prevalent in Edinburgh actually, there’s a few street names, the theatre. Where does your family trace back from?

  13. Tony (East Midlands) Reply

    I was persuaded to have my wife’s new Mazda treated with Diamondbrite. It is now 2 months and we’ve not received any certificate and I’m beginning to wonder if the work was actually done. Is there any way to readily test? Thanks.

  14. Reply

    I don’t know if there is a way to test for it, other than seeing how well the water and dirt holds off the bodywork over time.

    From the official site FAQ:

    Where do I take my car for its yearly inspection? What will be the cost?

    You should take your car back to the Diamondbrite dealership or valeter that originally applied the process. Hopefully you can combine this with a service or MOT that you are already taking your car in for. It is a simple check on the paintwork and fabric to independently verify that the Diamondbrite protection is in good condition; they will then stamp or sign your guarantee. The cost of this is decided by the dealer but is often incorporated into a normal service or the price of an aftercare kit, which you should need new stocks of around this time.

  15. Anonymous Reply

    Tony, you should have had an aftersales pack with the treatment and in the pack is a form to fill in (or alternatively fill in online). You can then print out or get emailed a certificate.

    I have to say I’m impressed with it: I had it done on my my car when I bought it: I weighed up the pro’s and cons of trying to do it myself and figured it’d be better to get someone to do it for me.

    As for testing if it has been done: the car should come out gleaming after having it done and any dirt washes off really easily. You can see the water beading on the paint when it’s wet/ raining and if you rub your hand over it the paint feels smooth (obviously when clean).

    To be honest you can tell if it’s been done or not: my car is the only one in the car park at work that looks as though it has come out the showroom!

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