Marshalls – Edinburgh

Lunchtimes at work can be difficult, finding the time just for your lunch hour is hard enough (at least in my job) and making something appetising in the mornings can either be too much to cope with or just too time consuming. So finding something quick, tasty in a healthy portion and not pretentious enough to break your wallet and in the short time you have can be quite a hassle. Another hassle you could probably do without during the day.

That’s exactly where Marshalls fits. With good food, the kind that you’re used to at home, quick and friendly service and prices which reflect the food you’re buying, you can’t loose.

There’s all sorts of filling types, including the wonderful Marshalls tuna. A good selection of rolls, baked potatoes and daily changing soups which are hot and thick, not some runny lukewarm offering you can get elsewhere. It’s a great place for lunch, breakfast or just a quick break and a nice coffee during the day.

With a few seats at the window you can eat in and watch the world go by, or rather just walk up the corner of St Andrew Square.

Excellent food, great service and good prices. After a crappy morning at work you’ll feel so much better after some of this home made food. I know I’m always a grump when I go in, and by the time I get back to my desk I feel like I really have been out for a decent time.

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