Men’s messy toilets

I just went to the mens toilets at work, that’s good for two reasons:

  1. I’m a man
  2. I needed the toilet

Our work toilets have three cubicles, well on the floor I work on, and out of all three one was occupied and the other two were unusable. Why? Well because some people had decided to urinate on the floor and over the seats. You know that really does get my goat up, can’t people urinate in a straight line and if not can’t they just sit down and urinate?

It’s something that really get’s me angry. I mean I have to come in and clean urine from the seat I’m about to sit on and the floor where my trousers are going to be resting, unless I sit in a really strange squatting position.

Even on the odd occasion when I do have a slight miscalculation or splash that lands on the seat or floor, I’ll get a piece of toilet paper and wipe it up, I mean it’s mine after all, doesn’t bother me that much. It does bother me to wipe up someone else’s piss though.

I don’t know about their parents, but I was taught about things like hygiene and such things as how to go to the toilet – thanks parents, that really paid off in comparison to some of the people I work with.

I mean what would they think if I squatted on the floor and completed a bowl movement, cleaned myself and then left without cleaning the mess behind me? I suspect it wouldn’t be as readily accepted as a pool of someone else’s urine.

Oh, and just for the record I don’t work in a building site office or anything, I’m in a financial institution. No offense to builders, I bet you’re a lot cleaner than some of these offense workers, I’m just pointing out the difference on stereotypes.

Perhaps I’ll just use the sinks next time.

4 comments on “Men’s messy toilets”

  1. pablo Reply

    Hmmm,having worked on building sites for a number of years and in many definite offices I can only say that males in “general” have the worst toilet etiquette, regardless of income, occupation or sense of worth.

    I shudder sometimes when I see ladies heading to the mens toilets because their queue is five miles long. I guess its their first visit to a mens loo.

    I would gladly wait ten mins if i knew the toilet would be clean when i got there.

    NOTE: am assuming females have better hygiene levels(i’d imagine thats a dead cert on some of the things i’ve seen in a mens toliet.)

  2. Doug Reply

    Totally agree the the previous posts. I’d like to go one step further though and I’m probably on my own with this particular gripe.

    Why is it that most men insist on pissing directly into the water in the toilet bowl?? Unlike women, we’re blessed with the ability to be fairly precise with where we pee. Why then can’t most men pee against the inside of the bowl? Is it some kind of macho, “listen to how loud I can pee”, type thing? I don’t remember my folks teaching me not to do this – it just seemed like the right thing to do.

    Ah. Feel better for getting that off my chest. πŸ˜‰

  3. Simone Reply

    I appreciate it when you guys actually put the toilet seat up, its annoying to have to wipe it off with pee!

    And guys, please wash your hands after too! πŸ˜‰

  4. Jim McCullough Reply

    I make small tent style paper signs for the bathroom to convince people of proper hygiee & to lower the lid on the toilet for (good feng shui) which appeals more often than not to the feminine gender ……(with the lid down so is the seat), but men also like some of the limericks I offer.

    I also make some for the institutional lidless variety……a little more pointed in phrase; these adhere to the wall with double-stick poster tape.

    If you are interested……..GoTo:


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