My first press screening and writing

This friday I attended my first press screening courtesy of Craig, the manager at the Vue Cinema, and what a screening it was to start off with, Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith, and it was superb.

I’m starting to feel really lucky here – okay the rest of my life is exceedingly superb with a wonderful girlfriend, house, car (the order may be different and those who know me will be laughing right now), cinema room, a paying job, etc, etc. – but something that started as a little bit of fun joining my love of writing and that of movies together is turning into something much bigger.

The Movie Blog has reached over 700,000 visits a month, and that’s just for two of us writing. It’s taking more and more of my time (for which I am truly appreciative of my girlfriends accepting attitude) and I’m loving it. Now, I’m getting to attend press screenings at one cinema and I’m going to ask around a few more. Right now there seems to be some form of change in my life occuring, and at a time when most people would be having a mid-life crisis (hey, I’ve had a sports car and no hair for a long time!) I seem to be looking at a totally different direction in my life.

So, the screening. You can check out the review either here (link above) or on the Movie Blog, but the screening itself gave me a bit of a buzz, and that was before I even got to the cinema.

You see the thing is I’ve got a normal job and it means working pretty normal hours, and the prospect of actually attending screenings during the day on a regular basis means that I have had to approach my work about it. Luckily where I work is quite good with trying to help employees and their out of work lives, so I’ve managed to arrange to attend two to three screenings a month and make up the hours elsewhere. That in itself makes me feel very lucky that I am in a job that I can actually do that, and when the job is causing more stress and frustration than ever it’s a superb respite.

Then it just blows me away that I’m actually attending press screenings and writing about them for other people, and lot’s of other people too. It’s fantastic. I actually feel I am doing a job that I really love doing. Let me just say though I’m not getting paid for this, and I’m not even concerned about that, I’m genuinely doing it because I love doing it, and that’s a wonderful feeling.

There’s a feeling right now that this could actually turn into something bigger than a hobby and into something I could do as my real job, and that feeling is spinning through my head throughout the day, something I can turn to when the normal job gets too much.

At the screening I had a little chat with a guy who is a freelance writer, unfortunately I didn’t get to chat to him for too long and start quizzing him about his life and his job, the film started. He did give the impression though that it was hard, and if you were just writing about movies you’d be stuck seeing loads of films that are really poor and finding a good one could become harder and harder, so you’d start taking jobs that were about writing anything. Writing anything for money to supplement the real bit of writing that you would find really enjoying.

You know what though, I think I could live with that. I spent a year writing the Standards for e-learning Development at my work, defining how to create e-learning including DDA and SCORM Standards for our LMS. How dry and difficult is that, but looking back on it I can see I actually enjoyed writing them, okay the research was really difficult at times, but writing and finishing was a great feeling. Yeah, I could actually do this.

A lot of my excitement for the screening was that I was going to be seeing a movie before most of the public and writing about it. For me that was a bit of a milestone, I’ve moved from blogging and writing about movies in my spare time to more of a press role. That’s the exciting part for me, and I just hope it keeps going, builds, and presents the opportunity for becoming a full time career.

2 comments on “My first press screening and writing”

  1. DaveyM Reply

    Fingers crossed for you Rich. Hope it gains momentum and you can move into it full time.

  2. Simone Reply

    I have only this to say, you have definitely arrived Richard, and I am so happy for you. 🙂

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