This is the second company I turned to for developing and printing my photographs. This was one of two that seemed to be mentioned a lot by other photographers, and I tried this second after looking at Colab.

The Photobox service is carried out entirely online and not only offers you the ability to upload your photos for printing, but also gives you the ability to make albums which you can share for friend or make public.

Without a doubt this is a top class professional service, and it’s instantly noticeable. The sheer range of options for your prints are listed under their services page along with costs, and are streets ahead of the Colab service I also tried.

Upon sign up you are given 250Mb for uploading photos and sharing, if you find that you have used your full allocation of space for sharing your albums and still want to print, well there’s a temporary upload space available where you can upload photos, order prints of them, and they’re automatically deleted after two weeks.

Uploading photos is as simple as selecting the Add Photo button and selecting the files from your computer. There are a couple of methods shown for uploading the photos depending on your browser and preferences, and you’re given the choice of which album to upload them to, including the temporary print area.

Printing the photos is just as simple. When you select the print option your basket is displayed with the thumbnail images of your photos and the outine of the paper on which they’ll be printed. There’s also an amazingly handy quality indicator to show the quality of print that can be achieved from your uploaded image. From here you can copy, rotate, remove images, you can also change the size of print or paper type selected from your standard preferences. Then it’s a simple case of selecting to checkout your order and you’re away.

So how did my order go? I couldn’t have asked for a better service. I made my order on a Sunday, uploaded the files and sent it through, and when I received the email confirmation I realised I had ordered gloss instead of matt. So, without much hope, I fired off an email to them asking if they could alter the order, and amazingly they replied that very evening, Sunday evening! They were happy to change them, and would make sure the order was intercepted. This left me with a slight worry as they said they couldn’t change the order on the system for me, but would leave a note with the order, the times I’ve heard something similar and it’s been ignored.

The order came through really quickly, and the photos were in protective see-through sleeves, packed in a hard cardboard tube. The photo’s were perfect, and the order had been changed to matt paper, I was amazed at the quality of prints and the excellent service received.

Photobox are now my chosen printing company, I whole heartedly recommend them.

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