Thai Lemongrass – Edinburgh

As soon as you walk into this restaurant you know you are in for an authentic meal. The staff are dressed in Thai clothing and bow gently with their hands clasped to greet you. The decor is warm and inviting, with nice wooden tables and uplighters embedded in the floor. The settings are bamboo style mats and each table has a small bowl of Thai crackers awaiting you before your appetiser. It all spelled out the perfect atmosphere for a lovely Thai meal.

The staff are engaging, friendly and very attentive and you’re not left sitting around waiting for your next course. I was a bit concerned as the takeaway menu that we’d picked up previously didn’t have that much choice on it, but when we opened the menus we were relieved to see a huge selection of food. Perfect.

Thai Fishcakes

Chicken Hot and Sour Soup

Stir Fried Roast Duck with Basil Leaves

Chicken Pa-nang Dry Curry

Steamed Rice

Tsao Tsing Beer

Coffee and Orange After Eights

The food was gorgeous, and full of taste. The main courses had some kind of small green berries or seeds in them which were unusual but added quite a distinctive flavour and texture. It was unusual as we thought that there wasn’t much in the way of vegetables in amongst the mains, but the taste showed differently.

I was so eager to taste the coconut ice cream, but there just wasn’t space in my tummy, and we had to call it a day. On leaving we had bows aplenty. What a wonderful warm atmosphere to be giving out for a Restaurant. We’ll definitely be going back and most definitely visiting their takeaway.

The only bad thing I’d possibly have to say about the experience is that both of us spent a really restless nights sleep, filled with vivid and confusing dreams and hardly slept a wink. We’d be surprised if it was something in the food because it seemed so authentic and Thai cooking is not about chemicals. Perhaps it was the beer.


Forgot to mention that with the Duck main course there was an amazing food carving of a dove out of a carrot, it was stunning and we almost took it home. Didn’t eat it either!

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