Urban Angel – Edinburgh

Walking into Urban Angel you could be forgiven for thinking it’s just a coffee shop, and indeed on a few occasions I’ve walked by I’ve doone just that. Except that’s a shame, because you’ll be missing out on some good food, atmosphere, no smoking and Prosecco!

We visited there in a party of eight, and despite causing the waiting staff some troubles from being just a little bit loud, cheeky and late leaving, the experience was a good one.

The menu was a little difficult to make sense of. Where were the starters, what are the mains? It was all much easier to choose from the specials board than it was to search through the menu.

Service was smiley, efficient and took all we said with a pinch of salt. They also managed to keep a constant supply of water on tap for us, which was just as well as we stormed through the drink.

Their Prosecco and Argentinian red wine were both very good, I think I had the whole table converted to the Prosecco before the two bottles were finished, and the red wine was a good surprise having selected almost at random.

Before talking about the food there are a few phrases I’m going to throw at you so you get the idea, Urban Angel is about fair trade, free range, organic and local sourcing. Aren’t those great reasons for going?

The mains were quite split across the table, steak, salmon risotto, vegetarian haggis, stew, with a pile of nachos to start, it was all agreed the food was very good.

The steak as my choice, and despite a small piece of gristle in the meat it was a lovely cut. I had mine medium rare – ordering steak well done from a lot of restaurants will ensure you get the worst piece of steak they have, it’s easier to hide the toughness in well done meat – and it arrived much more medium than I would have expected. Still, it was lovely and quite tender, breaking apart easily. Topped with Portabello mushrooms and served in a lovely rich sauce with potato wedges, it was gorgeous.

I ended the meal, with a great struggle, with my second choice of the cheese. Unfortunately the Sticky Toffee Pudding was off the menu, damn it! This was the down part of the meal as the three types of cheese were quite bland and were just not ripe enough yet for serving. The brie tasted of nothing, the blue had a slight prod to it and the other hard cheese was really quite bland. Not the best selection I’ve ever had.

Saying that, the overall experience was a good one. A great meal out in a lovely location and a very good atmosphere. Well worth a visit.

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