…a car stereo

Now I’ll be the first to admit that my wants for this product are a bit off the mainstream, but still, it’s what I want that’s the point of these posts, so it’s what I want and that’s that.

Driving the S2000 means two important things for a car stereo. Firstly it should connect to the dashboard controls and utilise them fully. Secondly it needs to be small, and for this reason a MiniDisc system has been ideal, one slot and the discs are tiny, now though, there’s MP3.

So what I want from a car stereo is primarily these two, but there are a number of other features I’ve seen on some systems, and would just like myself.

  • MP3 Head Unit
  • Removable Head Unit
  • Head Unit attaches to the PC to allow upload and management of tracks
  • Head Unit can also be attached directly to audio devices for direct recording
  • Bluetooth enabled system which allows it to display phone information and mute or pause on calls incoming
  • Digital radio receiver
  • Integrates fully with Honda S2000 dashboard controls
  • Stores a lot of MP3’s

See, that’s not too much and not that bad. Now if only I could get one!

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  1. web@ack Reply

    That’s a huuge spec! Almost impossible I would say as a ready made solution. Have you considered an in-car PC? It sounds like it would be able to meet your requirements, as you can build your own. Maybe have a look at the mini-itx or nano form factor (www.mini-itx.com) – these are becoming increasingly popular, there are lots of car-specific parts available on ebay and linitx (lin-itx)

    You’d struggle with the integration with the standard s2000 controls, but you can get customisable tv-style inffra-red remotes that could be used?

  2. Graham Thornton Reply

    Did you manage to find a way to still use the dash controls? i am fitting a alpine head unit to my s2000 and can get a remote device that enables me to use the dash controls but i have to get it from the us is there anywhere over here?

  3. Richard Brunton Reply

    Hey there Graham. Actually I haven’t progressed this much as I haven’t really found the stereo I want.

    It’s also hampered by the problem of DRM on the MP3’s I download. Sure I can put them on my portable player, but then they need to be playable on the stereo.

    Frankly it’s a nightmare and I don’t think I’m going to get something like this. I reckon I’ll have to cut everything to CD and live with that.

    What kind of remote control have you guys decided to stick with?

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